Happiness Island

It’s too good to be happy! Isn’t it?

When I first heard about the Happiness Island, I was extremely happy to know a place as such exists. I wanted to go there and my dream came true. I went to the Happiness Island and had a wonderful afternoon and evening spent there.


One of the best mini stay-cation I had was at the lovely and new Happiness Island, Abu Dhabi. A nice beautiful private island surrounded by the lovely sea of Arabian Gulf, this place is a MUST go for all those living here in the UAE.


Why a must go? Almost everyone I know in the UAE is going through some or the other stress, and that is because we are so deeply engaged with in our work lives around the City that we forget that our body and soul needs a break sometimes to go out, explore and relax. No seriously, take a small break from all the traffic, office buildings, dust and get yourself to lay down next to a pool, having a nice refreshing drink, with a view of the beautiful sea water while breathing fresh dust-free air! And the result? Well you guessed it, Happiness! Literally! That’s why its called Happiness Island

Check out a small video for a clearer idea:

Wow Lakhsha, looks great! But how do I get there? Especially if I live in the Northern Emirates like Dubai or Sharjah? Well, Get your friends and families on weekends or weekdays, pack your bags up and go for a short road trip of about 1 and a half hour from Dubai to The Club, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Soon as you reach there, you will see a dock of boats and flags of Happiness Island, Park your car (for free), and ask an attendee over there who would help you board the most recent Speed Boat to Happiness Island (Which is soo much Fun!) for Free! And that’s it, after 20 minutes of speed boating, you reach the private and beautiful Happiness Island.

It was a lovely morning when I went to Abu Dhabi for a fun-filled day at Happiness Island. This speedy boat goes to the Island every few hours, so make sure you’re there 10 minutes in advance. So my happiness started there when I started having the boat ride which lasted for about 10 minutes. Holding tight onto myself and my things so I don’t fly off (Haha)!

Now when you’re there, the FUN (or relaxing depending on how you want it) begins!!! Get yourself into your pool or beach wear and indulge in to all the following activities you can do in this beautiful island resort:

  • Infinity Pool – Dive into their custom made pool going for a nice swim, or just floating back relaxing by yourself or with your loved ones. What makes this pool special is that it has a very wide area, and one side of the pool converges with Abu Dhabi’s beautiful blue sea making it look infinite, it’s very pleasing to the eyes.That’s not it, this gorgeous pool has a bar open on weekends, and the bar seats are within the pool! So you can enjoy your favorite drinks without having to leave the pool, how cool is that!? Just besides the pool are many sunbeds for you to relax, tan, read a book. And if you are a party person, go on week days for live DJ and dance to fuel up your life.
  • Dining – Feel hungry after a nice swim yet? Get your hunger conquered by their fresh food at the All-Day Dining restaurant right by Infinity Pool. A flexible menu ranging from Seafood, to Arabic, American and other cuisines would leave all visitors satisfied as Happiness Island understands the diversity and appetite of the people in the UAE. What i had was my all time anywhere-to-have meal known as Fries & Nuggets along with some very tasty and fresh Zaatar Manoushe. And oh yes, not to forget the beautiful view of the Sunset ❤
  • Taboo 101 – For all the 21+’s out there with no families around, enjoy this second out of three parts of the lovely Island with your own Pool, custom made Majlis on top of the Happiness Mountain just for some Shisha and friends time, Live DJ and Waterfall Bar on weekends, Spa, private cabanas and your own Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant with an amazing interior! Does this not sound like Heaven!?? Life could not be better else where other than Taboo 101! It’s just so pretty there.
  • House of Happiness – That’s right, 26 private Villas on this beautiful Island available for night stays for families or friends. Each Villa having 2 bedrooms each with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a huge hall and a beautiful view of the beach from you own private terrace segregated from other villas! If you are searching for satisfaction in this life, this is where you get it 😉 They’re having a 20% off for a day use of these 2 bedroom villas for the month of December so don’t forget to grab the deal.

Amazing right? Told Ya! But now I know what you’re thinking, that what is the cost of all this, and you would be mind blown again by the charges. Starting at (OMG) just a 100 Dhs per head on week days for an entire visit to the Island including full access to the pools and Taboo 101. Can’t make it on a week day? No Problem! Just 200 Dhs on weekends and not to forget, it also includes Live DJ and pool bar in addition to the week day package. You also get free dining voucher worth 150 Dhs along with your ticket to enjoy their tasty cuisine (so cool!). And last but not least if you are looking for a day stay at Houses of Happiness, they would be quite affordable according to the location per day use and if not that then the all-day private cabanas are a great option too! It’s Amazing!


Overall, it was the best trip I’ve had! I so already miss it and cannot wait to visit again as it was an unforgettable experience. So now if you ever need a good time away from your every day life, but you are short of budget and time, you know where to go!

See you at Happiness Island🌴

For more information you can call them up at: 02-6526799


4 thoughts on “Happiness Island

  1. Nidhi Jaiswal

    OMG… I follow so many bloggers, but this is the best Staycation I’ve come to know so far 😀😀 Wish I had known about this place in December, but hope they have some good offers this year too. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rani

    Hi there sounds a fun trip. I also want to make it there but am not able to find any contact number or reach out point or website. the number listed here doesnt work. can you give any other contact details to reach out before I go there?


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