Roti Rollers

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Today I would be speaking about a kind of food place you have never been to before. With a completely different concept, this restaurant stands out from every other restaurant we know. Roti Rollers is basically a street food themed restaurant which serves delicious kinds of wraps all inspired by Indian, Pakistani and Arabic tastes.

RotiRollers (3)

So here is how it goes. First you choose your roti (wrapping bread) and it’s flavor. The rotis come in 5 different flavors; Wholewheat, Avocado, Pav Bhaji, Lentil and Beetroot. They look amazing and taste awesome. Then you can choose your filling which can be chicken tikkas, beef kebabs, spinach and more. Once filled, time to choose from all kinds of chutneys (sauces) and curry in to your roll along with the veggies and there you have it, you have your own roti rolled up

But this is not where it ends, if you are not comfortable building your own, you can choose one of the signature rolls from them menu. Even more better, if you don’t like roti, you can can choose rice instead! I love the choice and flexibility given to the customer. Last but not least, your roll or bowl is served with some really tasty crackers and chutneys. And your drinks can range from lassies to soft drinks.

Let’s take a look at what I had.

My Own Roll
As many of you know, when it comes to food sometimes I can be a little picky so first I decided to build my own roll and see how it goes. I chose the whole-wheat roti, and filled it with chicken tikka. Like a typical spicy person, I chose the tikka masala curry to sauce it up. And it turned out yum, served with tasty crackers, unbelievably yummy masala fries, tasty chutneys and a mango lassi with its own twist of rose water as a meal I would never forget. Yummy!

RotiRollers (1)

Signature Hen Stefani
Yes, that’s one of their signature roti roll’s name. This time I wanted to try their own made roti roll. Not bad I must say, very different from the usual. The beetroot roti looks really cool, filled with saucy chicken, guacamole, cheese, pickles and cucumber. This was a different and tasty roll but as I am not used to something so different, I pick my own roll as the winner because that’s something I enjoyed, as it had exactly what I needed.

RotiRollers (2)

For the sides of this meal I had fried okara, yummy and crispy along with a Mangonade. Their own blend of lemonade which is a must try and hits right in the jaw.

This is not where it ends
That’s right this place is not just about rolls. I had to try their corn on the cob. It is one of the classiest and traditional corn I have ever had. The spicy mix on it is perfection, and it is applied with my style, with a lemon. Roasted to perfection my mouth water with every bite. I even tried their Dal Tadka, amazing. The taste is deeply connected to the roots and you can feel it. As well as rice with mix of curried up potato, tasted like Palao and yummy as well.RotiRollers (4)

Overall, very impressed, by the concept, the food and even the service. The head chef is very friendly and even comes up to explain you the concept and help’s you decide on what you need. I had a great time and I am sure you would too. Pay a visit sometime at Al Safa near Box Park. Or order online if you live around the place on

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