Comedy king Umer Sharif to treat Dubai to an evening of fun and laughter!

Popular comedian and stage actor Umer Sharif is all set to resonate Dubai with spontaneous laughter, bringing with him his signature dose of famous slapstick punchlines. The Pakistani artist will team up with Rauf Lala and Shakeel Siddique, for “Comedy Ka Dhamaka’’ at Rajmahal Theatre, Bollywood Parks, Dubai Parks and Resort, on Friday, June 14th . While Sharif is an immensely popular name across both Pakistan and India, Lala and Siddique, too, have a huge following in India, thanks to their rib-tickling winning performances in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus.

Comedy Ka Dhamaka Poster Jun 2019

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Boulevard One’s Spring-Summer Boutique 2016

Hello to all the Desi Shopoholic women!

Remember the exhibition held at the Palace Downtown Dubai on the 5th of March 2016? It was their Spring-Summer Collections!

My Blog-post is now here to tell you more about their exhibition as always!

Boulevard One (4).jpg

Mina Siddique showcasing her beautiful collection!

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Starbucks Evening Menu Launch

UAE’s most loved coffee-house is just not for coffee, but many more delicious items. Starbucks has introduced an evening menu which is filled with some great snacks and sweet treat. Now its just not about coffee’s, instead now people will be sitting down there for some amazing evening meals too!


Foodies like me now have lots to see in the menu such as Arabic Dips, Banana crepe with Nutella, Cardamom Infused Halloumi Bites, Truffle Mac & Cheese and a lot more which I’ll be listing it below!

  1. Chicken, Herb Roasted Red Pepper & Mushroom Flatbread
    Layered with marinated grilled chicken, herb roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.
    Price: 32 Dhs
  2. Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Kalamata Olive Flatbread
    Layered with goat cheese, Sundried tomato, Genovese pesto and Kalamata black olives
    Price: 32 Dhs
  3. Truffle Mac & Cheese
    Macaroni pasta in a creamy truffle fondue with herbed parmesan breadcrumbs
    Price: 35 Dhs
  4. Cardamom Infused Halloumi Bites
    Grilled cardamom infused halloumi bites served with a roasted red pepper and pesto dipping sauce
    Price: 25 Dhs
  5. Arabic Dips
    Creamy hommous, mouhamarah and moutabal arabic dips served with crispy flatbread
    Price: 25 Dhs
  6. Quinoa, Goat Cheese & Beetroot Salad
    Red quinoa with goat cheese, beetroot, tomato and rocket sprinkled with pine kernels and drizzled with honey balsamic dressing
    Price: 33 Dhs
  7. Banana Crepe with Nutella
    A French -style crepe stuffed with banana and nutella
    Price: 25 Dhs
  8. Trio of Dessert
    Warmed melt in the middle mini chocolate pudding, mini pecan pie, and mini mixed berry tart
    Price: 33 Dhs
  9. Beverages
    Lemon Mint Breeze: 19 Dhs
    Black Tea Lemonade: 19 Dhs

All the items in the menu are absolutely delicious. The Black Tea Lemonade is extremely refreshing and is a combination of dark black tea and lemonade, it will taste perfect with your evening menu meals. Even if you just go for Black Tea Lemonade, you’d wanna have more and more (this was me when I first had it)! so you MUST TRY the Black Tea Lemonade!


Moreover, I also fell in love with the Arabic Dips, as the hommous tasted amazing, and the flat-breads were served fresh hot which leaves me mouth-watering!!

The evening menu is now available in the Starbuck Stores. You can find out more details on

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Philip Stein and Precious Times

12th January 2016, I attended the Philip Stein and Precious Times event at the Burj Al Arab for an afternoon tea, and to experience the power of their revolutionary Natural Frequency Technology. They also presented their new collection and a sneak peek of the new store opening up at Burj Al Arab.

There were a lot of different watches which took my heart. Since I’m a watch lover, I easily get attracted to amazing watches. Lots of new technologies were also there which I couldn’t ever think of! Here are some of the pictures from the event:


Something I’ll be introducing today is going to be about Classic Sleep Bracelet. The bracelet is Philip Stein’s night accessory which is designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Each of the bracelet either consists of rose gold plated or stainless steel case. It also involves with a choice of comfortable blue, tan and brown interchangeable straps.

You’d have to put on the sleep band just 15-30 minutes before you sleep. It will take an individual approximately 30 days to experience the benefits of the band. When I first started using the band I had not much difference, as I couldn’t feel anything about it but gradually it started off pretty good and I do see some effects of it now.


When I found about the benefits of the bracelet, I fell in love with it because it’s something I never imagined of and it’s right in front of me. The new technology will solve sleeping disorders using Natural Frequency Technology. The bracelet guarantees a deeper sleep and the person feels refreshed when they wake up!

So, If you’re a person with sleepless nights and have hard time waking up in mornings, you must try it for yourself! The bracelet is priced at 395 Dollars.

Thank you for reading!

Scholl (Treasure your feet) Event

Bright sunny afternoon at the Scholl, Treasure your feet Event which was held on the 28th of November, at the gorgeous Lebanon Island, The World.

So first, the journey began with a yacht all the way from Jumeirah Fish Harbor to The World Island. It was more than a lot of fun to experience such a ride! I took many pictures along the way!

We reached in about 20-25 minutes. Then we had a chill time clicking pictures, snacking some food and enjoying drinks until the other yachts arrived.

Later on when the event started in Lebanon Island’s hall. Shereen Mitwalli was the host for the event and did an absolutely amazing job. We got to learn many things about the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi which is with diamond crystals. Also, 3 ladies expressed their views regarding the product. Later ahead, an amazing treasure hunt was held in the sand area where each person had to dig in using a shovel to find a diamond. But, the best part was that everyone was a winner, the others won re-fills! That was a really fun task to boost up everyone’s energy! We then started moving to the open Chalets, to pamper ourselves with Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi, where the ladies did it so perfectly and massaged the feet.



Everyone soon started to be seated for lunch. & then joined the amazing Black and White Band who were making the entire audience enjoy completely by their amazing tunes.

Here are some more pictures from the Event:


Lebanon Island


Some Snacks!


Welcome Drinks




Lebanon Island



As per my experience, I love Scholl, Velvet Smooth Pedi with Diamond crystals. I have used the product myself and now I’m absolutely in love with it for giving me extra smooth feet instantly.

Thanks for reading.

The Luxury Closet; Chanel Afternoon Tea

There was a lovely afternoon tea held at The Luxury Closet, showcasing almost everything of Chanel. I went on the 21st of November, at the Trio Tower at Novotel Al-Barsha. It was lovely meeting some fellow Bloggers, and the lovely people to assist there.

It was an elegant fashion filled afternoon, with lots of chocolates, vintage jewellery, sandwiches and cute desserts. I did try out several bags, rings and shoes. The most I liked were those gorgeous winter clothing.

Here are some pictures from the Event:



My favorite bag in Pink and Black



Chanel Ring and Wallet

IMG_20151121_144613 (1)nn

What is The Luxury Closet?

It’s an online boutique buying and selling several luxurious goods at a better cost than the market. It includes everything along with collection for men and women.  They have a facility of shipping internationally. For more details, there’s alot of information all on their website; don’t forget to check it at Also, find some great deals and subscribe to their newsletter to be able to get emails regularly on Sales etc…

I’ll be shortly uploading my pictures of their great collection and showing their exclusive collection.

Thank you. Have a Good Day!

Beat Diabetes Walk 2015

It was a lovely sunny and a little windy morning! Everything and everyone surrounded around were complete Blue! The walkathon was held this morning on the 20th of November 2015 at the Zabeel Park. Gates opened up at 7am (pretty early for a Friday Morning, but a huge number of people showed up!).


Beat diabetes

A little about #BeatDiabetes; This great initiative has been taken by Landmark Group and all the entry fees of the walk will be donated to the Al Jalila Foundation to support diabetic healthcare in the UAE. The initiative was launched in 2009 in the UAE. They held several contests through all of their social networking sites.


Walk begins!

PicMonkey Collagehh

Entertainment at The Beat Diabetes


Healthy Breakfast by Barakat & Weetabix


Stage performances!

Water bottles were available throughout the way towards the walk. All of the participants of the walk received a healthy snack provided by Barakat Quality Juices and Weetabix at the venue.  Fun city sponsored some fun games and balloons for the little ones. Stage area was filled with entertainers, clowns, jugglers, singers and some really good music. Bouncing castles, fitness demos, free blood glucose testing, competitions for the kids and a healthy food market all of it! (Sounds fun!!)


All Blue to Beat Diabetes!


Games time!


Onetouch Goodie bag stand

The only thing I was disappointed was at ‘Onetouch’ Gift collection stand, the staff was really not capable enough to handle people. There was a mess during distributing the gift bags and many ladies and kids ended up being injured.

Not to forget, ‘Volunteer in UAE’ did a fabulous job! Hats off to them for their amazing support and maintain every single person at the walk today.


Beat Diabetes merchandise goodies!

These are some of the goodies I received a day before the walk. I’m super excited to enjoy these goodies. Even though I did use some of them at the walk itself, but a few more! Thank You #BeatDiabetes!

Congrats on another year of success! See you next year.

Don’t forget to follow them for more event pictures, details and some really cool contests!
Instagram: @beatdiabetes

Peonica London Pop-up Party

Hello Everyone!

So, the 30th of October 2015, I went for the amazing Halloween Pop-up Party held at The Capital Club, DIFC. There was a lot of fashion crowd with some great refreshments.

Lakhsha Zahid

The event was quite fun, I enjoyed everyone’s company! The place was quite well decorated which completely looks horror and pretty fancy too! I enjoyed the event to the fullest trying out their new collections!

Lakhsha & Zoe

Zoe from Peonica London was showcasing their Taselbella Collection and also launched the Stardust Collection which was one of the things I was mainly excited about. (It looks pretty cute)

The bags are absolutely handmade in London (how exciting is that?). The leather, metals of it or any other accessories required for the bag are directly from Italy.


Lakhsha Zahid

The stardust bags are available at the price 1,845 Dhs
Bracelets: 70 Dhs
Heart Rex Pom: 170 Dhs
Teddy Bear Fur Key Charm: 420 Dhs
Fox Tails: 425 Dhs
Fox Pom: 200 Dhs

Heart Poms Star Dust

Taselbella Bag Bracelets

The bracelets are pretty antique and colorful, which will go along with all your clothes! You wouldn’t have to worry about your bag as it wouldn’t wear off.It’s a bag which can go along for a long run. The gorgeous bags come in a variety of colors.


Love their collection?
Check out more of it on:

Instagram: @peonicalondon

The Festive Boutique

Hello everyone!!

Recently, I was at an exhibition ‘The Festive Boutique’ held at The Palace Downtown Dubai, on the 17th October 2015. The exhibition was filled with lots of Pakistani & Indian jewelry and fashion designers along with their unique works. It was organized by Boulevard One and I must say, this was one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time!

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha Zahid

The exhibition was held from 10 am to 7 pm which included of some fun activities of raffle draws and winning instant prizes through picking up a random piece of paper. It was covered by Masala, Hello, Sunday Times, and Saffron Magazine! There was lots at the event, but I’d be only highlighting a few things from it.

What I wore to the event?
I was wearing a gorgeous Cape/Shirt by the designer Ayesha Ellahi; to talk about Ayesha Ellahi’s collection, She has one of the best Pakistani wear’s which were sold out in the first few hours itself. One of the most fashionable and amazing designer clothing. Thanks to her for this amazing unique piece for me.

Lakhsha Zahid in Ayesha Ellahi Cape

Lakhsha Zahid & Ayesha Ellahi

Bracelet is from Selections, it’s an Egyptian styled bracelet which is simple and elegant both in one, They have free sizes available and the selling price of it is 120 Dhs and above!

Selections Bracelet - Lakhsha Zahid

Also, I would like to thank Ms.Nazneen Tariq for a really beautiful necklace. She’s the designer of Heavenly Regalia. The amount of jewelry she has designed is unique in each and every piece and different from everyone else. From earrings, rings to necklaces! She creates antique jewelry which can go along with any sort of event, from light to heavy. A word to describe her jewelry pieces is ‘Sophisticated’. Here are some of the images:

Heavenly Regalia - Lakhsha

Lakhsha Zahid

Faraz Manan’s collection was absolutely FABULOUS! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Sarri’s and Bridle dresses were gorgeous. They held their exclusive preview right when you enter the exhibition and the best news is, that they have a store in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Faraz Manan

Lastly, I had a really good snack before I left to home with the beautiful view of the hotel. I absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere; the weather, the cold drinks and the food.

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha - Food

If you missed it, you missed something amazing, but don’t forget their next exhibition will be held in March. I’ll keep you all posted on my social media channels. Thanks for reading!

EVANS, Style Has No Size

On the 30th September 2015, Evan’s hosted their new A/W Collection preview at the Media One Hotel.


The mantra STYLE HAS NO SIZE was born exactly a year ago during London Fashion Week. It’s to make fashionista’s believe that Yes, she is beautiful and confident, she doesn’t have to go around finding her size.


Lots of flared tops were introduced this year, also some really elegant jackets. It consisted of a lot of multi colored collection as well. Some of them stole my heart as well. There were many cover-ups which were extremely cool. It also included of decent jewelry like rings and bracelets. Their small shirt cookies were really cute.

The event was quite much fun, there were refreshments, snacks, photo-booth, and quite a lot of talks about the new collection. The style perfectly cater’s to the Middle Eastern ladies.


I wasn’t aware of the brand earlier, but as I know of it now, I recommend each and every girl/woman to visit and get yourself something. I’m sure you will feel the confidence in you.

One of my favorite tops from the collection is below:


Every woman has the right to dress herself up, and make herself beautiful. It’s never about age, thin or slim, its always about the outfit. As per my personal experience I’ve seen ladies suffering when they do not get their sizes in different clothing and they had to always give up.


I absolutely love the campaign by Evans, Style really has no size.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.