EVANS, Style Has No Size

On the 30th September 2015, Evan’s hosted their new A/W Collection preview at the Media One Hotel.


The mantra STYLE HAS NO SIZE was born exactly a year ago during London Fashion Week. It’s to make fashionista’s believe that Yes, she is beautiful and confident, she doesn’t have to go around finding her size.


Lots of flared tops were introduced this year, also some really elegant jackets. It consisted of a lot of multi colored collection as well. Some of them stole my heart as well. There were many cover-ups which were extremely cool. It also included of decent jewelry like rings and bracelets. Their small shirt cookies were really cute.

The event was quite much fun, there were refreshments, snacks, photo-booth, and quite a lot of talks about the new collection. The style perfectly cater’s to the Middle Eastern ladies.


I wasn’t aware of the brand earlier, but as I know of it now, I recommend each and every girl/woman to visit and get yourself something. I’m sure you will feel the confidence in you.

One of my favorite tops from the collection is below:


Every woman has the right to dress herself up, and make herself beautiful. It’s never about age, thin or slim, its always about the outfit. As per my personal experience I’ve seen ladies suffering when they do not get their sizes in different clothing and they had to always give up.


I absolutely love the campaign by Evans, Style really has no size.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.


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