Sheikh & Shake

Far on the edge of the tower of Jumeirah lakes lies a burger joint loved by those tried
it, and will be loved by those who have to. Sometimes quoted as “The best burger
joint in Dubai”, this place is truly remarkable for burger lovers. Run by a man with a
famous story behind him on how he turned from a banker to a burger restaurant.
This place has all the secrets, vibes and ingredients to make the best burger you will
ever have in a very long time.

SheikhAndShake (4)

Started off just 5 years ago, it feels like I found gold in a mine full of restaurants. This
place has even been featured on Time Out and What’s On and I am so regretful that
why did I not know about this place before. I think it is the best place to be
whenever I crave a burger. The food is over the roof, the juicy and tender burgers
filled with taste, the cold sweet milk shakes, the crispy well-seasoned fries & onion
rings and combine that with their amazing service, it will all just make your day!
(unless you’re on a diet :p)

SheikhAndShake (1)
Enough talking Lakhsha, let’s dive right into their food and see what I mean! Here’s
everything I had from my visit, and I can’t wait to have again.

Spicy Sheikh Meal
Might be the best beef burger I have ever had. The juicy beef burger which is served
fresh & hot from the grill just melts in your mouth along with the crispy bun, spicy
jalapenos, beef bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions and their signature spicy sheikh
sauce which I could not figure out but blended so well. It’s a burger I won’t forget and
can’t wait to try again.

The burger is served with a side you can pick yourself, I picked crispy onion rings
which left me in no regrets. Very consistent and perfectly shaped just how onion
rings should be. Comes with a sauce which perfectly blends with it, a must-have if
you are hungry!
SheikhAndShake (2)
The drink was of course a Shake, a chilled chocolate milkshake which speaks for
itself. Nothing missing, nothing more to add. Just enough to fill a starving stomach
and make you feel good!

Spicy Crispy Chicken Meal
Yes, I admit I am a spice loving person wherever I go. But I could not help myself!
This fried chicken burger was the best I ever had, and by that, I mean Ever! And that
is all because of the chicken. The fried chicken is cooked to perfection, its juicy,
tender, and tastes amazing! Honestly, if this crispy chicken was served alone, I would still be in love with it. It beats all the major fried chicken fast food chains. And
The signature sauce goes well with it as well!
SheikhAndShake (3)
Comes with skinny fries, which I loved and finished fully. Crispy and hot, just how
fries should be. I love these fries!

So, there we have it, that’s my review on the Best Burger Joint in Dubai. One can
really tell how much passion and energy is put behind it. If you still don’t believe what
I say or just drooled reading this blog. You are in luck if you live at least 3 kilometers
radius around JLT or Business Bay. Because they deliver right to your doorstep in a
really cool Box! They even have the coolest hotline number 800-123456 or you can
order straight from
And if you don’t live nearby, then pay them a visit, they are really worth the effort and
their price. At least try them just once, and see the magic happens. Who knew a
burger joint in the corner of JLT would one of the best in Dubai.

Sheikh & Shake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Till Next Time,

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