What I wore on Eid-Ul-Adha 2017?

Hey Everyone! I know you all wanted to know my outfit details. Today, I’ll be showing you guys what all I wore on Eid-Ul-Adha which you guys found really appealing. I’ve mentioned the brands too! So let’s get started!

at the Rooftop!

Hey Everyone! After all those messages, I decided to put this on my blog! This post will help you guys get the look!

Black Beauty

Hey Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great summer! I bought a really gorgeous jump-suit from http://www.trueagle.com for myself. I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I opened the box. The jumpsuit reflects black and red color both, and was in velvet material. It’s best for going out for special dinners just in case…

Scarf it away

Heyy! I’ve got a little good news. Yes! You all will be able to see Fashion Blog-posts now on-wards on different looks I create. Fashion to me is all about you, what you style it. I love trying out different brands and different styles as well as creating my own look which is unique.

20th Birthday!

Hello Everyone, As  promised I’d be updating you all regarding my 20th Birthday celebration! It was on the 10th of April, a Sunday filled with works, and a small celebration too! I know it’s pretty late to update it, but well, I was just sorting out my pictures which had to be uploaded!

Iftar Look for Last Night

Good Afternoon Everyone, I’m sharing a different look for Ramadan here which involves my Makeup and Outfit Details to show how you can carry out yourself during Ramadan and look extremely gorgeous at the same time as you fast!

Cosmo-Girl Outfit

So recently, I had a mini photo-shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine (as most of you know through my Instagram) so I was a Cosmo-Girl for a day! Yay! If you still haven’t checked it, don’t forget to check it in the December Issue and read my little review. I’ll be listing out my outfit details here along…

19th Birthday Outfit

I was missing my birthday and seeing some previous posts where people asked me regarding my Outfit, so I think it’s still not too late to do this! (It was on 10th of April by the way) Dress: Jennyfer (this dark blue dress was quite comfortable, and came along with the belt, costs approx 250…

Designer-24, where Dresses meet Perfection

If it’s your old dream to wear a couture gown but you don’t have enough to get one (Just like me). Then the answer to this is Designer-24.com! As they say ” Rent straight from the runway ” Who are they? They’re an online designer dress hire service based in UAE, for any of your…

Budget Buys – Summer Look

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great! As promised, I’m sharing my outfit details, a perfect summer look for you all! Make sure you’re not into a lot of dark clothes in summer because summer is all about light colors! The complete outfit: Shirt: Splash Camisole: Splash Skirt: Splash Shoes: Shoexpress Fringe Necklace: Splash…