at the Rooftop!

Hey Everyone!

After all those messages, I decided to put this on my blog! This post will help you guys get the look!


Outfit Details:

This Outfit will give you an extreme trendy and fashionable look to feel gorgeous in these Cold Winter Nights! The leather jacket is my absolute favorite and is always on the go! I’ve worn two accessories; a necklace and a watch (which aren’t visible) but yup that’s all you could add in with this outfit!


Love it? Get it yourself!

  • Shirt: Splash
  • Vest: Max Fashion
  • Jacket: Forever 21
  • Jeans: Splash
  • Boots: Shoexpress
  • Bag: Iconic
  • Belt: Splash
  • Necklace: Shoexpress
  • Watch: Swatch

Thank you for reading!


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