Starbucks Evening Menu Launch

UAE’s most loved coffee-house is just not for coffee, but many more delicious items. Starbucks has introduced an evening menu which is filled with some great snacks and sweet treat. Now its just not about coffee’s, instead now people will be sitting down there for some amazing evening meals too!


Foodies like me now have lots to see in the menu such as Arabic Dips, Banana crepe with Nutella, Cardamom Infused Halloumi Bites, Truffle Mac & Cheese and a lot more which I’ll be listing it below!

  1. Chicken, Herb Roasted Red Pepper & Mushroom Flatbread
    Layered with marinated grilled chicken, herb roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.
    Price: 32 Dhs
  2. Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Kalamata Olive Flatbread
    Layered with goat cheese, Sundried tomato, Genovese pesto and Kalamata black olives
    Price: 32 Dhs
  3. Truffle Mac & Cheese
    Macaroni pasta in a creamy truffle fondue with herbed parmesan breadcrumbs
    Price: 35 Dhs
  4. Cardamom Infused Halloumi Bites
    Grilled cardamom infused halloumi bites served with a roasted red pepper and pesto dipping sauce
    Price: 25 Dhs
  5. Arabic Dips
    Creamy hommous, mouhamarah and moutabal arabic dips served with crispy flatbread
    Price: 25 Dhs
  6. Quinoa, Goat Cheese & Beetroot Salad
    Red quinoa with goat cheese, beetroot, tomato and rocket sprinkled with pine kernels and drizzled with honey balsamic dressing
    Price: 33 Dhs
  7. Banana Crepe with Nutella
    A French -style crepe stuffed with banana and nutella
    Price: 25 Dhs
  8. Trio of Dessert
    Warmed melt in the middle mini chocolate pudding, mini pecan pie, and mini mixed berry tart
    Price: 33 Dhs
  9. Beverages
    Lemon Mint Breeze: 19 Dhs
    Black Tea Lemonade: 19 Dhs

All the items in the menu are absolutely delicious. The Black Tea Lemonade is extremely refreshing and is a combination of dark black tea and lemonade, it will taste perfect with your evening menu meals. Even if you just go for Black Tea Lemonade, you’d wanna have more and more (this was me when I first had it)! so you MUST TRY the Black Tea Lemonade!


Moreover, I also fell in love with the Arabic Dips, as the hommous tasted amazing, and the flat-breads were served fresh hot which leaves me mouth-watering!!

The evening menu is now available in the Starbuck Stores. You can find out more details on

Thanks for reading!


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