April FBoxx

Hello Everyone!

I’m here to talk about a great Subscription Box which I’m really amazed about & it’s my first time receiving a box filled with lots of amazing things which do come really handy!

I received this box in the month of April, and it had tons of new products and some very essential products which are required on day to day basis! Check it out here!


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Happiness Island

It’s too good to be happy! Isn’t it?

When I first heard about the Happiness Island, I was extremely happy to know a place as such exists. I wanted to go there and my dream came true. I went to the Happiness Island and had a wonderful afternoon and evening spent there.


One of the best mini stay-cation I had was at the lovely and new Happiness Island, Abu Dhabi. A nice beautiful private island surrounded by the lovely sea of Arabian Gulf, this place is a MUST go for all those living here in the UAE.

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Philip Stein and Precious Times

12th January 2016, I attended the Philip Stein and Precious Times event at the Burj Al Arab for an afternoon tea, and to experience the power of their revolutionary Natural Frequency Technology. They also presented their new collection and a sneak peek of the new store opening up at Burj Al Arab.

There were a lot of different watches which took my heart. Since I’m a watch lover, I easily get attracted to amazing watches. Lots of new technologies were also there which I couldn’t ever think of! Here are some of the pictures from the event:


Something I’ll be introducing today is going to be about Classic Sleep Bracelet. The bracelet is Philip Stein’s night accessory which is designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Each of the bracelet either consists of rose gold plated or stainless steel case. It also involves with a choice of comfortable blue, tan and brown interchangeable straps.

You’d have to put on the sleep band just 15-30 minutes before you sleep. It will take an individual approximately 30 days to experience the benefits of the band. When I first started using the band I had not much difference, as I couldn’t feel anything about it but gradually it started off pretty good and I do see some effects of it now.


When I found about the benefits of the bracelet, I fell in love with it because it’s something I never imagined of and it’s right in front of me. The new technology will solve sleeping disorders using Natural Frequency Technology. The bracelet guarantees a deeper sleep and the person feels refreshed when they wake up!

So, If you’re a person with sleepless nights and have hard time waking up in mornings, you must try it for yourself! The bracelet is priced at 395 Dollars.

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Dubai Dolphinarium

Thinking where to go this weekend? Bored of going to the same places?

How about going to Dubai Dolphinarium, at Creek Park, Gate 1.


I went there, and it was quite a lot of fun. Its one of the most loved Dubai Tourist Attractions. Dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even paint! My mouth was literally open when i saw that!!


Not just that, there’s also a great Creek Park Bird Show, its the only exotic bird show you will find in the region. You will enjoy the experience of over 20 different birds and parrots.

Tickets are quite affordable. Also, you can get to know many things about these beautiful creatures. Your kids will for sure love it. There are lots of fun games & activities going on at the same time. It’s going to be a completely unforgettable experience. I would rate it a 4.5/5 !

Contact them now for further inquiries : Tel : +971 (4) 336-9773
Email: info@dubaidolphinarium.ae
Website: http://www.dubaidolphinarium.ae

1915’s Summer & Spring Trunk Show

Hey everyone! I’d like to tell you people before I begin this post, that I’m a huge fan of watches and accessories.


To start with, 13th of May 2015, I attended a great event of all the Spring & Summer Accessories of: 1915 by Ahmed Seddiqi. The event was held at Saladicious Restaurant in Jumeirah.


I loved the way how they presented the jewelry in a decent and artistic manner. I was amazed to see the gorgeous watches and the way they were kept in a forest-type theme. Also, there was great brunch provided, with Photobooth, wired headband for the girls, goodies and friendly staff to tell you the details about each product.


So let me tell you about 1915!

They offer you 24 leading fashion brands which are updated season by season & will for sure have something or the other according to your taste!

I highly recommend you guys, If you are watch and accessories lover, you must visit them, as they will guide you according to what you need as well as they will also provide you with affordable prices and a great customer service.

If you would like to Visit the trunk show, these are the following six locations which will be showcasing 1915 by Ahmed Seddiqi’s first every Trunk Show on the below dates.

  • City Centre Deira : Wednesday 14th – Sunday 17th May
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall : Tuesday 19th May – Saturday 23rd May
  • Yas Mall : Monday 25th May – Saturday 30th May
  • Rak Mall : Monday 1st June – Friday 5th June
  • City Centre Fujairah : Sunday 7th June – Friday 12th June
  • The Galleria : Sunday 14th June – Friday 19th June

More pictures from the event at http://www.facebook.com/lakhshaz

Club Apparel Exclusive Womanhood Event

Club Apparel is the card-less loyalty program of Apparel Group which comprises of 50 brands and 450 stores across the UAE. 12th of May 2015, Club Apparel organised a great event at Armani Ballroom, Burj Khalifa from 10am to 4pm.

It was a great day, for all the women out there, as it started off with breakfast & then lunch, they also received free goodies, white henna (which is in trend), makeover, fashion shows for the kids and ladies, fashionable illustration of you & a free beauty consultation from Italian beauty experts of Bottega Verde.


They were also selling various things right inside as a mini exhibition, with great discounts. I truly loved how Nine West had their Ramadan Collection come up already which is extremely gorgeous.

mother day

Tim Horton’s & Coldstone allowed you to enjoy their mouthwatering coffee, ice creams, doughnuts absolutely free!

I must say Sima Ved, (Vice chairperson of Apparel Group) did an amazing job organizing this event so well and gathering up all the women.

Not to forget, this event wasn’t just for ladies, but for men too!! After-all even men can Celebrate Womenhood!

For more images of the event, visit my page : http://www.facebook.com/lakhshaz

Aqua-Laque from Bourjois

These were at my desk since a week, and I had no time to see them or write about them.  I thought I’d be the first one reviewing about these after the wait I had for these lipsticks to launch here in Dubai. The all new, Rouge Edition Aqua Laque, was launched by Bourjois in 8 intense colours, from nudes to red to pinks namely :  01 Appêchissant, 02 Rose on the Rocks, 03 Brun’croyable, 04 Vien si to Roses, 05 Red My Lips, 06 Feeling Reddy, 07 Fuschia Perche & 08 Babe Idole!


It contains Nymphaea (aquatic plants) extract to smoothen and moisturise. It has mirror like shine whether it be any colour & 10 hours hydration.

I absolutely love these!


The applicator? Oh it’s very smooth!  Well, they are pretty similar to Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks, but the formula & the finishing of both is pretty different.

It’s just like lip gloss, but yes not sticky at all so you don’t need to worry about that problem. Also, you do not require a lip pencil or lip primer. You can wear this specially for parties when you need a glossy look.

AqueLaque Shades

Try them too, you will for sure love them, I can’t wait to try the other shades!

Chill Out Ice Lounge

What’s better to feel icy-winter feeling still in summer? Its 37 degrees already so I believe its almost summer. Well If your’e a person like me who hasn’t ever felt ice, snow etc! You should visit here!


Chill Out Ice Lounge, The Middle East’s first sub-zero Lounge!


It’s filled with ice sculptures, ice seating and tables and a uniquely illuminated interior, all at a subzero temperature. (-6 degrees, I cannot believe I went there)

Once you enter, you receive thermal clothing to wear to keep yourself warm. The lounge serves hot soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolates, coffee, tea and a variety of deserts and mock-tails.


I ordered a Hot chocolate, and it tasted great! Great music and a lot more. You will for sure not regret visiting here

They’re located at Times Square Center, Ground Level, do visit them with your friends and family to have a thrilled experience.

Contact them for reservations : +971 4 3418121

Beat the Summer & Keep Cool at Chill Out Dubai !

Hello World!

Hello everyone!

So that’s my first post here, I’m Lakhsha Zahid, a female (that’s pretty obvious)..

Born in Pakistan, currently a student & based in Dubai! I’m truly in love with nature photography. I find red & black color very attractive!

I’ll be posting quite a lot of things here from makeup, fashion, food, lifestyle, to travel, photography and some general views..I hope you guys enjoy it

Well that’s pretty much it, stay tuned here for more & Thank you so much for all the support

Cheers x