Inversion Femme

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,

Feeling that nails are breaking too often? or getting signs of ageing? I know many of you who face a lot of situations where at some point you’re tired of home remedies to grow your nails, hair, remove wrinkles and what not! Inversion Femme, a daily beauty and health supplement for hair, skin, nails and figure!

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Each box contains 90 capsules with total of 6 packets each having 10 red and 5 silver capsules. The two red capsules which are to be taken in the morning with plenty of water, after good healthy breakfast! One silver capsule is to be taken in evening.

This supplement guarantees to improve your hair, skin, nails and figure. It takes you for about 30-60 days to see the actual results on you. Best is to take before and after pictures to check your progress day by day!

Red capsule contains: Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Green Tea Extract, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and Omega 6.
Silver capsules contains: Grape seed extract, Shark cartilage, Iron, Copper, Biotin, Vitamins B2, B5, B6 and Omega 3.

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So, I tried these for a few days, trying to catch up with results, but maybe couldn’t really because my skin itself is baby skin and I do use other products. So Instead I thought I should make my mom try this. She used these for around two months and now, her wrinkles are lighter and her nails start to grow even quicker than before. Although she doesn’t feel any change in the body, but likes how things are slowly changing.

Inversion Femme (1).JPG

These capsules improve appearance, reduce wrinkles and help in reducing weight (if the diet is good enough too)! I haven’t known such multi-vitamins which would work in such less time with such less efforts!

There’s no types of allergies caused by this particular supplement, so you don’t have to worry about anything Ladies! You can still check with your doctor if you wish to get the same! It’s good for anyone from the age of 20!

If you need any more information just visit their website:

Price: 260 Dhs per box
Available in all the major pharmacies

Feel Good & Look Good! Enjoy!


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