Nail Picks for Ramadan

Hey Ladies!

I was being messaged regarding some nail picks which could be used during Ramadan and wouldn’t look bad too!

So I chose 6 Nailpaints of different brands and here I’m showing you all my favorite ones!

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Inversion Femme

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,

Feeling that nails are breaking too often? or getting signs of ageing? I know many of you who face a lot of situations where at some point you’re tired of home remedies to grow your nails, hair, remove wrinkles and what not! Inversion Femme, a daily beauty and health supplement for hair, skin, nails and figure!

Inversion Femme (3).JPG

Each box contains 90 capsules with total of 6 packets each having 10 red and 5 silver capsules. The two red capsules which are to be taken in the morning with plenty of water, after good healthy breakfast! One silver capsule is to be taken in evening. Continue reading

Rosa Bella Nail Polish

Hey everyone, so I thought let’s try out something else. I’ve tried on a few colors from Rosa Bella Nail polish. I thought it wouldn’t be great in drying, but it did dry in less than 2-3 minutes. It’s available in quite attractive colors and has a bright shine when its on!

The problems I faced with this nail polish were that it needed lots of coating to show its actual color. I think it’s quite runny so you need to be careful of your cuticles.

Overall, I enjoyed applying the colors; here are a few pictures of my nails with the nail polishes below.

Rosa Bella Shade: beautiful Amaranth Pink Shade


Rosa Bella Shades: Orange & Blood Red

Rosa Bella Nailpolish

Hope you guys liked it, I’ll be posting more on various other nail polishes. Let me know if you guys have anything specific!