Chalet Grill Restaurant

Today is a day I’m going to be super hungry as I write this.

Writing in a food review for all you foodie fans for a great classic styled restaurant which serves Arabian, Indian & Chinese food! Now where do you find all of these together? Let me tell you more about it below so you can visit this weekend when you’re free from all the worries and ready to enjoy!ChaletGrills(2)

Chalet Grill is in UAE for quite long with one branch in Al Barsha, behind Mall of the Emirates and other to be opened shortly. The manager’s name is Mr.Murgan who’s a really good person. He takes care of every customer at the restaurant and keeps on guiding the staff. The combo meals are really affordable for day to day time which also hold a good quantity of food!

ChaletGrills(4)I started off by ordering Spicy Fries at first because I really wanted to try it out! The fries were spicy with a sweet flavor! Not sure if it was sweet potato but the sweet and spicy flavor was really good! It costs 13 Dhs Only and comes in a great quantity. Goes perfect with ketchup on side!

ChaletGrills(7).jpgNext I ordered another appetizer which was Felafel plate! It costs 20 Dhs and there were quite many pieces! It’s great for 3 to 4 people to have it together! It was served with tahina(sauce). It didn’t taste very Arabic’ish but also had an Indian touch in it! With the Felafel plate we were served with some pickles too!

ChaletGrills(3)Then we ordered a combo meal of Grilled Chicken which involved a side of Hummus & Mutabal. The Chicken was absolutely amazing, spicy & filled with some juicy Masala. Not bad at all! I totally enjoyed having this type of Chicken. I had it with Khubus, Ketchup and fries.

They also served fresh garlic sauce which was made specially by the chef! The khubus (breads) were served really hot and were rolled in foils to keep on the warmth. I love hot breads with Hummus!

ChaletGrills(5)I so wanted to try out their Chinese even though I was way too full so I ordered one combo meal which is a lesser portion from the regular separate orders. The combo has Chicken Manchurian and Chicken Fried Rice. For the first time in life I had hot fried rice else I’ve seen a tradition at restaurants to give normal/cold fried rice. Pretty happy with the typical chinese taste.

Finally, In drinks we ordered one fresh cocktail and fresh orange juice. They were not so cold since they were freshly made although they would taste even better if they were colder. The orange juice was fresh and tasted so refreshing! I’ve missed such fresh orange juices in my life. The cocktail was perfectly blended and tasted so old style we used to have in childhood times.

Our server for the day was Sheik and the chef who was behind all this tasty food was Raj Kumar. He did an amazing job in the kitchen. Not to forget he’s experienced for more than 8 years in UAE now & I’m sure that says it all.

Thanks for reading, do check them out whenever you’re in Barsha. A lot more pictures I clicked are available on Zomato, so head there and check it out!
Chalet Grill Plus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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