Packages at Illusions Ladies Salon!

Hey Lovely Ladies!

It’s my first time getting work done in a package! As always me and my mother went down to get ourselves pampered before Eid Ul Adha. I know I’m even writing this so late! I’ve been really busy in life but anyways!

We chose our packages before in hand and decided to make a few changes to it. How? Packages are fixed! No! You’ll read more below.Illusions(2)

So Well, I chose mine and my mom’s package before in hand but there were certain services in a package which we did not want or had done already. But the amazing Salon Staff & owner allowed us to change the services as per our likes. We could choose the services from another package and combine it for ours! (As simple as that)


Illusions Ladies Salon is located at Concord Tower in Dubai Media City! There’s also a gents salon same by Illusions so in-case your man needs some pamper session while you’re gone, he can go too! There’s plenty of parking available and the Salon validates it for you!

Not to forget they’ve got a good list of packages with them which cost 150 Dhs per person & it needs to be done on the very same day and by the same person(Basic Package Rules)!

So starting off with the package I chose was “#ballet slippers” which involves of manicure, pedicure, head massage and I added another service which was half arms waxing. My manicure was done by Marianne, she’s a fun lady and did my nails according to my wish! I used to hate my nails shape but thanks to her it’s made. My pedicure & head massage was done by Oanh. The head massage was a non oiled massage, for around 10-15 mins. But it was pretty relaxing. I suffer from headaches quite often, and due to it I felt really good! It was a stress relief!Illusions(3)Moreover, my wax was done by Nandy, great lady who keeps you busy by talks so you don’t feel the pain of wax! She was super quick as she did it in 5 minutes so I must say she was well experienced. They have different kinds of wax depending on the type of your skin. The staff is extremely careful if you’re a person with sensitive skin issues(like me) and they will totally take good care of you!

Here’s a quick video of my little experience:

What I felt from my entire experience at the Salon was, that they did a great job! Really! The staff is very friendly to kids (one main reason I’m really happy). Super friendly people who ask you for tea, coffee or water! They make you feel comfortable and do the work so well!

Here’s a list of their packages;


Thank you for reading!
I hope you guys visit them and enjoy your time just how I did!

To book appointments or for any further information please call on 04-5587822.


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