BioSilver 22 Gel

Hello Everyone,

Here’s a product not only for women but for men too! I have something very exciting and different which I didn’t myself hear about earlier but now I’m pretty familiar with it!


Did you know?
70% of contagious diseases are contracted through hand contact. 😮
How can we resolve these?
You’ll read about it in my blog-post today!

I’m talking about BioSilver 22 Gel, which is available at


BioSilver 22 has it’s unique SilverSol Technology which provides cleansing and sanitizing of your hands and body. It perfectly gives great care for your skin too. It gives the best cleansing for your body which you cannot find it elsewhere. e.g: sudden itches can be solved by this amazing product.


I read it somewhere earlier that this product can be used on a mosquito bite, and it removes down the itch.. I had been looking for something such and no doubt but it really worked! I applied it on a small patch and it stopped giving me that itch else you wouldn’t imagine that itch usually lasts for about 15 days (No Joke!).

Moreover, I even had a cut & I’m too lazy to put bandage! I used it on my hands as a sanitizer before I started eating! Then onwards the burn disappeared! Pretty magical!


  • Cleanses your skin effectively.
  • It contains antibacterial properties.
  • The gel does not contain alcohol or any preservatives.
  • The gel is clear and non-greasy.
  • It does not dehydrate the skin.
  • No smell at all.
  • It dries up quick.

The product is available in 50 ml and 100 ml.

In short, this product is like a sanitizer but acts much better than it. Totally recommend it!

I’ve not tried on major things, just the minor ones! It’s not to cure, treat or prevent any diseases. External Use Only.
This product should not be used if you’re pregnant, nursing or allergic to any trace minerals.

It starts from USD 40 which starts from approximately 150 Dhs.

It’s available at QNET:

Stay tuned for more blog-posts coming up! Hope you enjoy the product!
Thank you Qnet for a wonderful product!


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