Sephora, Colorful Eye Shadow Photo Filter Palette

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Super excited to share something exciting with you guys! My first ever eye-shadow palette from Sephora and I was super happy to try it out! The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it! I’m super excited to share more details of it in this blog-post! This palette is the best for those who love soft shades.


Sephora’s, Sun-bleached filter palette is inspired by some of all our favorite photo editing effects. The palette contains soft, sun inspired tones and some best selling colorful eye shadow shades at Sephora. Each shade is velvety smooth and with a creamy texture.

The palette consists of 8 small shades which are 0.88 g and two over-sized shades which are 2.13 g and a great large mirror. Thus, this palette is quite handy too if you’d like to carry it with yourself for your touch up! We all know Sephora is great for Makeup and the three best selling shades in this palette are Secret Boudoir, Desert Rose and Walking in the sand.


The shades are typically matte and shimmery. My most favorite shade in the palette is Desert Rose, as it’s a gorgeous shade in Rose Gold color with pearly finishing. I’ve started creating some amazing simple makeup looks already by mix matching these!


For best results of this palette, apply Eye Primer before applying the eye-shadows else they’ll fade a bit quicker. Plus, the shades will be more visible (so just in case you’d want the shades to be more visible) with the help of the primer. The shades blend well, so you don’t have to worry about it!

I highly recommend this palette to you guys, and it’s a must have!

Price:  AED 169
Point of Sales:

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates.


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