Arcancil Oohlala! Eyelashes and Magic Highlighter

Hey lovelies,

Arcancil (one of the amazing French Makeup Brand) earlier had a launch of some gorgeous eyelashes and a magic highlight! I’ve used the products and I’m now sharing a quick review of both the items! I’m sure you’d like them too! Check it out!



Oohlala! Eyelashes:

The OohLala Eyelashes from Arcancil are the false eyelashes which come in a beautiful packaging which involves the glue too! Thus, no need to buy a glue! These lashes are very easy to apply, and reusable quite often! I’ve used them now for about the 4th time (Yay!)

These lashes come in two types;  one is ‘Paris by Day’ & another one is ‘Paris by Night’. I’ve got the ‘Paris by Night’ as I like long and voluminous lashes. They’re so pretty, man!


What’s the difference between the two lashes?

  • Paris by Day: These lashes are mainly perfect for day use. These aren’t as filled as the other lashes. It’ll give you an attractive day look! These lashes give you a complete natural look as if you’re really not wearing lashes.
  • Paris by Night: by Night definitely defines, it’s going to give you a much more prettier look (according to me) as they’re longer, thicker and have more volume!

What I really liked was that the lashes came off so easily! I didn’t have to mess my eyes around & I think we should thank their glue for this!


Magic Highlighter:

You can use this after you have applied foundation on your face. It’s pretty glossy as well, and it makes highlighting super easy! This magic highlighter is creamy and gives a perfect glow on one’s face (oh which we all wish for!). The finishing off is pearly and looks extremely gorgeous!

Below is an image where I applied just a drop and blended it on my hand! The Magic Highlight is simply Magical!


Prices in Dubai:

  • Arcancil OohLALA eyelashes band, easy to stick and reusable glue  : 40 AED
  • Arcancil Paris: Magic Highlight : 75 AED

Main point of sales:

  • Beauty Bay: Mirdiff City Centre
  • Wojooh: Dubai Mall
  • Karji: Etihad Mall

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