Queen’s Beauty Lounge

Hey Lovely Ladies,

Here’s  a blog-post about a pre-pamper session before Valentines with my all time Valentine, my mom. I’ve been too excited for something different to try this time! Yes I usually do manicure, pedicures but this time my spa was all about organic. Ever heard about Organic Manicure/Pedicure? Well, that’s what Queen’s Beauty Lounge is about!


Early in the morning, me and mom started off with a nice Careem ride, giving her a special drive-free day! As soon as we reached the Salon, the girls were pretty warm welcoming, and offered us something to drink! After that, found a little bit about the Salon, and started with the treatment. I chose Organic Manicure & Pedicure and I chose a Slimming Massage for my mom!

Let’s start with a quick look to my treatment:

Let’s start talking about the pedicure first! I was assisted by Dhalia who was honestly an okay okay specialist! Well, we started off with dipping feet in hot water for some 3-4 minutes (that really felt so good, in this cold weather). Started off with Scrub which was the Himalayan Rose Petal Scrub, then to clean my feet properly. Later ahead, she applied a Brightening Detox SEO Mask for about 30 minutes and covered it with plastic wrap(cling). Then eventually started to cut, file my nails and do the cuticle. She wasn’t that great in cutting the dead skin, as lots was still left out there! Lastly, she massaged my feet with SEO Oil from Frangipani!


Talking about Manicure. I think the best experience I had at the Salon! I was assisted by Lily, so on your next visit get your work done by her! She dipped my nails in warm water for like 30 seconds and started off with applying the scrub and scrubbing my hands with the Himalayan Rose Petal Scrub. Then she also applied the Brightening Detox SEO Mask, which felt kinda cold and nice on my arms, and wrapped it also with cling wrap. Later after that, she nicely cut my nails in proper shape and made them equal. Started doing the cuticle, cut my dead skin and also filed the nails! She also applied Dadi Oil towards the end. She then removed the mask with extremely hot towel dipped in water, and then massaged my hands with the Oil.

The Organic Manicure & Pedicure costs 220 Dhs in total and it lasted for about an hour!


Regarding the Organic Slimming Massage, they used one particular oil only for the entire treatment. Marigold was the person who did my mom’s massage. It was one kind of a painful massage which my mother explained. The lady told that this massage needs to have at-least 8-9 sessions to least have a little difference in the body! Shes literally got pains from a week, so if you really opt for it, you need to have some good patience to bear the pain.

Thanks for reading & don’t forget to go for a pamper session when you’re around in Marina or JLT! You can find them on Wellbey too!

Call them for appointment on:-
Marina: 04-4279689
JLT: 04-4214267


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