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Hey Everyone!

Hoping you all are having a wonderful Winter! It’s my first ever Camera review on my blog and I’m pretty much excited for this. I’ve heard quite a lot about Merlin Digital earlier as a kid too and  was really eager to try this brand by myself! As you guys are aware I’ve started doing YouTube Videos, and of-course, there’s times I just can’t carry a huge camera with me everywhere or of-course due to space issues in my phone. I think Merlin ProCam would be an ideal option to use and a good way to surprise your Valentine too.


procam5Let’s know more about the ProCam!

This camera is perfect for UAE’s weather type, it has a waterproof case for bad weather conditions. It’s extremely simple to use, I thought it’s going to be super complicated to use but when I started using it, I realized it’s so simple. Just download the application ‘Merlin ProCam’ in your mobile phone. Turn on the WiFi from the cam, enter the WiFi password in your mobile device and there you have it. Easily snap photos and record videos all through the user-friendly Pro Cam app which lets you see your Camera Output as well, along with all the settings to set the video quality, adjust frame rates, resolution and a lot more!


The camera comes with a storage capacity of 32GB. It can be connected through iOS and Android application for sharing. The best part is that it’s not soo expensive like other such camera’s, it’s just priced at 395 Dhs Only. Whereas other similar extreme condition compact cameras cost no less than AED1000! You might think that the camera quality is rough, but absolutely not, and has a 4K Camera. And I was surprised how the video output was, completely loved and blew me away It’s the perfect bang for your buck!


Hi from my little Merlin ProCam!

Some great features of the ProCam:

·  ProCam support 4k Time-Lapse Image & Video Recording – at 24 FPS and if you want to shoot at a higher and smooth 60 FPS then go for the 1080p resolution which is perfect for majority of the 1080p screens nowadays.

·  Supports microSD Cards up to 128GB – Isn’t that Amazing? You can go wild with this camera with maximum capacity upgrade of 128 + 32 GB having your record for almost an entire day with ease. I am honestly surprised at how much recording this small camera can actually do.

·  Additional battery for non-stop recording – One of the highest amongst its competitors with a whopping capacity of 1600 MaH allowing upto 90 minutes of 4K recording and that’s not it. Out of juice? The camera comes with another spare battery which you can keep fully charged and replace it with the other one, Amazing!

·  Wide Dynamic Range – For High-Quality Images in Low Light. We all know that still today cameras are not as good capturing low-light, this cam has you covered!

All in all, I really feel happy, excited and cannot wait to use it for making videos. I really love how small and easy it is to carry this camera yet it comes with such a nice user experience. The amount of accessories which come with the camera is extremely good for the price you pay.


Stay tuned as I will be recording and showing you guys what it can capture. It’ll come up soon on my YouTube Channel, so stay tuned! ❤ Hope you guys loved my review..

Thanks for reading!


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