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Back with another review of Dubai’s most well-known restaurant’s known as Applebee’s! Applebee’s surely knows how to present and make their food the classic American way. Especially me being an already fan of American food, this restaurant has not failed to satisfy my age long cravings. Located in three comfortable locations for Dubai residents; Dubai Festival City, Mirdif and Trade Centre, it is a must visit to try at least one good heavy dish to fulfill your foodie needs!


Oh yes, I had a ball with their high-calorized food 😛 Especially with the appetizers, I had all different varieties thanks to their Build a Sampler option where you can select all different appetizers in smaller amounts to get more variety of tastes. By the time I got done with the appetizers, honestly no space left for the main course but haha I anyway ordered because why not? what else can make me such a foodie! And last and the most sweet, the dessert one of my all-time fav which I cannot wait to share about! Below is all what I tried at my newly favorite cheat-day spot 😉 (Nah, I’m not exercising!)


So what did I have in the appetizers? Here it is:

  • Pot Stickers – Something unique but so extremely and surprisingly good. I could not stop having them! A perfect blend between the Chinese dumplings concept blending in with some American touch. How? Well the long shaped wonton is fried and is filled with some perfectly minced chicken with a nice sweet coating on top. Making it a perfect mouth-watering bite especially along with its signature Thai peanut sauce.
  • Quesadilla – One of the most pure and authentic I’ve ever tried. This quesadilla is as real as it gets. Crispy one the outside and cheesiest on the inside along with chipotle lime chicken has me filled from the first bite itself. And of course, some nice and fresh salsa.
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip – A warm welcome for all vegetarians which can be surprising at an all American restaurant. You guys have an excuse to go and try their yummy spinach and artichoke dip along with fresh, crispy and large tortilla chips melting perfectly in your mouth.
  • Chili Nachos – A must get for everyone. One of my top recommended among the appetizers. This beauty had me finishing the entire plate. Perfectly made, crispy with lettuce, sour cream and tomato. I enjoyed every bite!
  • Onion Rings – Wow, I’ve never seen such thick, heavily crusted, original and real onion rings anywhere around Dubai! Especially with the BBQ sauce they taste Amazing!!! So thick and crispy had me satisfying my cravings all along!


  • Three Cheese Chicken Penne – Sorry guys but I was really missing some Penne Alfredo Pasta which when I saw in the menu I said to myself I must try it! I loved the topping of three different types of Italian cheese but my most fav was the pasta mixed with some pure Alfredo sauce. I loved the taste, but it wasn’t perfect. Although next time I am hoping it may be, must most warm, cheesy and tasty.
  • Chicken Fajita Rollup – Believe me, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never seen this big of a chicken fajita wrap! As long as you guys weren’t as full as I was when I reached this point. This wrap was one of its kind. The bread was perfect where it should be, the inner layer of bread seemed to have a nice thin layer of American cheese. And the rest of the wrap was just stuffed with loads of authentic chicken fajita ingredients, I really wish I would’ve finished it! However one thing I would recommend them is to have more chicken in it!


  • Classic Mojito – Classic Mojito is priced at 23 Dhs and is very good honestly. I’ve started being into Mojitos recently and it tasted amazing. It was a great blend of Sprite, Lemon and Mint.


  • Triple Chocolate Meltdown – To be very honest, I had been to Applebee’s once long ago just to try this dessert as it looked extremely good. I have tried various different kinds of molten chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream but this was on another level. Firstly the size is large! The cake looks beautiful and perfect and was filled with molten chocolate where I could finally perfectly melt it down as I cut the cake (if you guys saw my insta-snap) It’s just beautiful along with a perfect and chilly large scoop of vanilla ice cream both giving the perfect sweet blend in mouth! Even though I was full yet I finished it! The plate is also spread around with molten chocolate which is so much fun to scrape off while eating! A must try for everyone, with an awesome price!

So there you go, here’s my review of what my foodie self-experienced at the beautiful Applebee’s at Dubai Festival City. You guys should go and give it a try and look at their 100 other types and options of food which you may love. And if you have a limited budget do also try their lunch offer! I hope you all loved my review and stay tuned for more tasty stuff!

Lakhsha ❤

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