L’Oréal Paris Elvive Keratin Straight

Hey Everyone!

People keep asking me regarding my hair being so good and straight! Well it naturally is (Haha!!).. But there is a lot of stuff which I use to keep them healthy and strong. I’ve been trying several shampoo’s and conditioners. Some suit me, some don’t! It just depends on the hair type you really have, so it’s best to see something which is good for your hair.


I’d like to introduce you to my new hair care favorites from L’oreal, the Elvive Keratin Straight. It’s been over a month I’ve been using this shampoo, conditioner and oil replacement. During the first two times I used the Elvive Keratin Straight Hair products, I started feeling a little difference in my hair. Without having to use a hair straightener, the hair naturally looks straight by the amazing products.


My hair usually gets rough when I use different brand products apart from the ones I originally use. But this particular product has left me speechless on it’s effects. It’s naturally keeping my hair straight, healthy and extremely smooth. The smell and the pricing is not bad either. It comes in a great quantity, that if it’s you alone using, it can go more than 2 months! The results last for up to 72 Hours or even longer at times, which of-course all of us wish!

Directions of Use:


Shampoo: Wet your hair, and apply the shampoo and make sure it reaches your roots properly. Do a little massage with the shampoo to make sure it’s spreaded all over your hair. Wash it.


Conditioner: After you’ve shampoo’d your hair, you’d need to use the conditioner which will protect your hair and make them look beautiful. After applying the conditioner, I suggest you leave it on your hair for around 3 minutes and then you can wash it off.


Oil Replacement: After you’ve washed your hair, towel dry them a little bit! You should definitely (without forgetting) put a small portion of the oil replacement on your hand and apply it on your hair. Once you have applied it, wait 2-3 minutes and then you can start brushing your hair! Your hair will be soft and gentle!


  • Shampoo: 18 Dhs
  • Conditioner: 21 Dhs
  • Oil Replacement: 19 Dhs

Don’t forget to tell me your experiences as well!
Keep rocking that hair! ❤️


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