Abeer Beauty Spa

Hey Ladies,

Getting ready here to review one of my experiences at Abeer Beauty Spa. Just loving getting pampered at Salons these days.


I’m sure almost all of you are aware of Celebrity Makeup Artist, Abeer. Abeer Beauty Spa is founded by Abeer and gives customers a great and memorable experience at the Salon. I went with my mom for some time for a little pamper session. So we called up and booked an appointment on a Friday Afternoon at the salon.

A Classic Pedicure for me and a Turkish Hammam for my mom. Just a little more about Abeer Beauty Spa, it’s located in Jumeirah, Dubai. It’s been over 3-4 years the Salon is opened by her. The Salon is very spacious as it’s in a  villa so it’s got a ground floor and a first floor. The customer service is absolutely great! I love how you can easily sit and relax at the Salon. They even keep offering you drinks to pass your time easily.

The room for the special hammam is decored in a way which makes you feel calm and relaxed with a little relaxing music in the background. My mother headed for the hammam as I personally think I’m too young for the Hammam currently. The lady used a scrubbing type of tool to remove the dead skin from the face and body. They do not use any other thing which is a specialty they have. Her skin in the end was healthy, clean and smooth. My mom absolutely loved the Hammam Room, the towels, the tea and of-course the service which was provided to her.


I tried on their Pedicure, which ofcourse I’m always in need of since I wear closed shoes all day long and my feet don’t get any sorts of air. So as my mom went for the Hammam which is right next to the Pedicure Room. So I think the pedicure lasted for about 1 and half hour, it was so relaxing that I was almost about to sleep.. I dipped my feet in hot water with some shampoo in it for a few minutes. Then started off with cutting, filing, and cleaning my feet. One good thing about this salon was the way they remove off the dirt. I absolutely love salons who are expert in removing the dirt which isn’t shown. She removed the dirt of my feet, then started scrubbing them with a purple colored scrub. After cleaning that off, she made me wear Collagen Socks and started doing my nails. After my nails was done, she started massaging my feet. Her massage was pretty good although I felt ticklish. Later I chose a nail paint in skyblue color, and got that applied, since I’m a fond of that shade.


By their work, I also decided to change the nail polish of my nails. So the girl started removing the nail polish and she noticed I had some bad skin and uneven nails. So she cut them off for me and applied the nail polish.


I absolutely loved my services which were provided by Abeer Beauty Spa, I’m definitely going to go to try out some more services. Would you? Do let me know about your experience too!

To know their pricing or to book an appointment you can visit Wellbey (Click on it to reach the Salon direct on Wellbey) and book it easily. Wellbey is an online platform which helps you locate Salon’s, book easily and find all the information needed along with the Salon reviews and details.

Thank you for reading!



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