Max Burger from Sweden

Hey Beautiful People,

Time to talk about some beautiful Swedish food. Max Burger, in my opinion one of the best places to try for burger and fries lovers. Loving it since it began, I am a huge fan of how unique yet tasty their burgers are from other similar franchises. A lot of places kind of serve the same typical burger taste but with max burger you get a very different feeling. (that’s what I felt) Everything always seems to be on point and there is never a time I am left disappointed, I always leave full and happy!


maxburger2Alright so what special food we can find at Max Burger to complete my appetite. To start with, Their Burgers, YUM! They all have this special kind of bun bread which they use and that tastes so nice, kind of on the sweet side but it’s definitely unique and a must try as it goes so well with the rest of the ingredients. The chicken patties or beef burgers which they use are always, always so fresh, tender, and juicy yet mouth wateringly tasty! The vegetables used in the burgers blend perfectly with the meat as well as the special signature sauces used in the burgers. Their burgers are well categorized on the menu and can be easily selected based in the type you love. Apart from burgers, the fries, onion rings and salads all have a unique touch to them which taste so delicious!

What did I order? Have a look for yourself!

Crispy Chicken Salad
First of all, no sign of old vegetables used, freshness checked! Secondly, yum, salad never tasted so well! Especially the blend of breaded chicken strips with fresh vegetables and Caesar sauce made me actually finish the salad, which I never do! Priced at just 20 Dhs for this huge bowl.


Grand De Luxe Cheese and Spicy Chicken Burgers
Honestly, no words for how good both of them were. For Beef lovers, Cheese Burger is a must try. The beef patty goes so well along with the classic cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables But my most favorite part was the max burger signature sauce used in this burger which is always going to be my all-time favorite combo of ingredients used within the burger. Moving on to spicy chicken, as I can never say no to spice, again a perfect blend, the chicken patty was crisp and juicy, and the sauce was again so perfect with this burger, No Words! The burgers are just awesome! Must try when you visit them!
First in the picture is the Cheese Burger, second is the Spicy Chicken Burger.


Some yummy large onion rings and a large sprite to quench my thirst and last but not least the famous and beautiful Cheese Fries of Max Burger. Many people have tried it including me. What makes them special is that they include a combination of their signature sauces, along with cheese, onion and jalapenos making it a unique but extremely tasty experience for fries (before guys) lovers like me! Haha.. Well you must try these fries with Max Burger Signature Sauce (It’s a pinkish beige sauce)!!


Not to forget the amazing Chocolate Shake which was not soo sweet, since I don’t like extra sugary shakes and it’s perfect with the chocolate taste. Loved it!


Oh Yes, you’ve guessed it, I was extremely full and satisfied and promised myself no more outside food for an entire week but this experience was just amazing. I also wish I could try all other options they had but maybe some other time, you guys should definitely visit them at Mirdif City Centre right outside the food court where they have a dedicated area for their customers and give a try to their amazing Swedish food. I can’t wait to go and see you all there!

Bon Appetite,

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