Chloe’s Beauty, Hair & Nails

Hey Everyone!

Let’s start off by wishing you all a Happy New Year. It’s winter and definitely a beginning of the new year. So as the new year is with us, we’re extremely busy working, studying, or reaching our goals. I mean everyone is busy with something or other right?

So this Salon is for all the busy ladies and girls out there! When I say this, I really mean it’s for all the busy women out there who are not able to take time out for pampering. The salon opens at 7 am and closes at 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 9 am to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday. What excuse do you have to say you’re busy?


Chloe’s Beauty Hair & Nails is a salon located on Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Saga World. This Salon is launched by the Founder of the Entertainer. I must say that the Salon is huge, and the decor is brilliantly done in White & Blue Color. They also have a treatment room for the kids, which is so pretty. Ahh.


I booked an appointment for 11:30 am. When I reached, we started off with the manicure. I got a regular manicure. My expectations were a bit disappointed though. The girl did the manicure good, as she removed my dead skin, and cut the nails properly. Whereas the massage in the end was less than 30 seconds and there was no type of scrubbing or cleaning up the hands properly. In the end I did a nail paint through the Halal Nailpolish LYN, the Salon has which gives a guarantee that you can do Wodhu in it. I’d rate this service a 3/5.


I decided to go for a new look this time for 2017. So I thought of an Ombre for my hair to get a different look this time. But after consulting with the hairdresser, Irene. She told me I might not be able to get the Ombre shade Blonde on my hair as the red color which I’ve done previously is still around in my hair. Having said that I was asked to take another appointment to get my hair color done. We tried on small patches on the lower part of my hair, the color still was orange. Then I simply thought of going for one shade, as it’s Winter and suggested by the Salon Manager, dark would suit better in this season. I went with it and got done Dark Brown Hair from top to bottom. It took me an hour and 30 minutes to get my hair color done, and a little blow-dry to show what my color looks like! I’d rate this service a 4.6/5.


I’m falling in love with my hair color each time I look at it, Yes!

You can book an appointment or call them for more information: 04-3884884

Thanks for reading! There’s a lot more coming up so stay tuned.


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