Fashion Fever, Aqua Marine Pure Matt Lipstick

Hey Beautiful Ladies!

I was away for so long due to my exams, but now getting back to product reviews. Oh Well, I absolutely love today’s product! It was just a wild guess to try out these products! It’s not really an extreme famous brand which might be found everywhere, but the quality is amazing! I think it’s a must have for every makeup artist and a normal person like me who loves makeup.

FashionFever (1).jpg

It’s so special to me now, and I love each and every shade in this!
I’m talking about Fashion Fever, Aqua Marine Pure Matt Lipsticks! It’s available in 18 beautiful shades! Each shade is beautiful and unique!


  • What do I love most about these lipsticks:
    They’re matte and of a great size! These lipsticks are good for a long run! They definitely don’t take much space in your handbag. Aqua Marine Lipsticks have an extremely creamy texture while being used! The shades are from pinks, nudes, purple and brown! Not just that, the brand is easily available online and they’ve got two branches as well! & Yes they’re long lasting, kinda gets hard to remove! To remove them you can simply use a lip balm or a makeup remover which is good for lips. Apply it gently on lips for easy removal. Personal favorite for daily use.
  • Here’s the swatch’s of all the shades:

Price: 35 Dhs each! (so good and so affordable!)
Rating: 5/5 !

You can shop them at
Else they’ve got a shop in Deira, Dubai and another one in AbuDhabi, Deerfields Mall.
For location or other details you can call them at: 055-9843742


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