Village Restaurant

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be about something extra yummy! It’s been so long I had some yummy food which tastes like home. If you’re ever going to Ajman, no matter for what purpose. I think you should for sure try Village Restaurant which is located in Al Rashidiya, Ajman. You might be a little familiar to them since they sponsored my previous giveaway.


I took a really long time to review them. I think I missed out the tasty food by not visiting them earlier. Well, Finally I got time to try out their amazing food. I would really have just no words to explain how tasty it was. I wish I could describe the taste in my mouth I had.


Starting off they served us with some Lassi, which is pretty nice. I love sweet cold Lassi’s & it was exactly the same way. I felt like as if I’m having food at some dhaaba. So cool right? The Lassi was served in a cute mini jar and the taste was absolutely great. It’s priced at 5 Dhs.


Butter Chicken is a part of their a la carte list. In reality it is an Indian Dish, which has a Yellow Orange color. I hardly ever liked Butter Chicken whenever I had it at other places. But I absolutely loved how Village Restaurant had made it. They made the Butter Chicken in Pakistani way, which had whitish color, had some yogurt and butter and it tasted so good! I’d definitely recommend you to try out their Butter Chicken when you visit them. It’s priced for as low as 22 Dhs.


They knew too well, that I love Biryani and every restaurant I visit, I always have to eat Biryani. So they made me some Chicken Dum Biryani (actually lots of it). It was just too perfect. It was exactly the type of Biryani I like, except the onions on top. It was spicy, the chicken was fresh and cooked well. It had the exact home taste. It’s priced at 10 Dhs only.

Here’s a little video of my experience!

Their Roti was made and served exactly like home too. A tasty warm round Roti bringing the home touch as kept on a Punjabi Utensil which is also known as Chaaba. This amazing Roti is priced for 1 Dhs only.


I also happen to try Aloo Paratha as well which costs 6 Dhs. Why 6 Dhs? Oh well! It’s huge! Good for 2 to 3 people. It’s just so big and tasty. Since I was having all home tastes,  so I ate it with Yogurt and Sugar to bring my home’s taste in it.


Their restaurant is a little small, but it does not matter as long as there’s some extra tasty food. That too, at a great price! It’s so affordable! It felt like I’m sitting in Pakistan, with GEO on top with some Pakistani news and surrounded with Pakistani food. You can easily eat a lot in 75-100 Dhs for 2-3 people! You also might find a little issues with the parking but there’s an area opposite side to park your car, so you can try there! I just can’t wait to re-visit again and have some really tasty food.

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