Blush N Curls Ladies Salon

Heyy Beautiful Ladies!

It feels so good to inform you all that I’ve finally found that one high end and luxurious salon in Al Qusais for myself and maybe for you too? If you’re living nearby or in Al Qusais, this is a Salon you’d like to visit. Why? You’ll know it all as you keep reading 😉

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When I entered I was offered lemon juice along with a quick tour of the salon. So I went around and explored many things.. I saw the waxing room, facial room, massage room and Moroccan bath which was huge! All their rooms and salon was perfectly neat and clean and didn’t get me feel any bad by the atmosphere. I absolutely like how it’s hair, beauty and spa all in one.


I got a chance to try out something for my hair, and obviously something I love getting done every time; a manicure and a pedicure. Well all of that wasn’t something basic though. What’s so special here? I tried the B & C Signature Manicure and Pedicure. Something extremely different from the ordinary ones.  The manicure involves of everything Lavender; hand milk, hand scrub, hand mask and hand cream. This entire process took for about 35-40 minutes in total. I think I absolutely loved the way the liquids were kept in cute mini bowls. I think my favorite part of this manicure was that my hands smelled so good and they ended up making my hands smooth for a really long time. My manicure was done by the staff named Nga. The price of this special manicure is 130 Dhs.


Next is the B & C Signature Pedicure, which had my most most most favorite Lemongrass! To let you all know, I absolutely love the smell of lemongrass. The pedicure was quite long, it took me about an hour I guess.. So there was the amazing foot salt, where I dipped my feet in hot water for sometime, followed by cleaning the nails, scrubbing, foot mask, and the foot cream. & Yes all of it smelled like lemongrass. I have in-growth so I’m usually scared that someone might not be able to handle my toe nails well. But I’m glad it all went so smooth and great. My feet were extremely soft and it felt very relaxing after the pedicure was over. The pedicure is priced at 140 Dhs.


The next treatment I tried was for my hair. Since I had recently been doing a lot of red color to my hair and just playing around with it so my hair got extremely rough and bad. So Ms.Lavanya suggested me why not go for Advanced Reconstruction Ritual which is for about 300 Dhs. Now what’s that? I heard it first time too! It took me nearly 45 minutes-50 minutes to get done with it. I was assisted by Lamiya who told me a lot about hair and how I should take care of my hair specially if I color them too often. After the treatment, my hair was so soft that I couldn’t imagine. If we take regular sessions of these, our hair would be so perfect.


On the other hand, my mom was offered a Body Treatment and a Facial which would suit her skin. So it started off with the treatment where she had to select one of the handmade candles, with the fragrance my mom most liked. The candles are made up of Luxury cocoa and shea butter. She chose the Frangipani Body Nourishing Treatment which is priced at 250 Dhs and lasts for about an hour. It was a quite relaxing and pleasant massage for her. She thinks it’s the best massage she had got done. How is this massage done with candles though? The candles are simply melted and applied direct on the body.


Lastly, she had the chance to try out the Anti-Ageing Facial. Before the facial started, there was a 2 page form the customer needs to fill in which is mainly about age, gender, customer details and any health issues or allergies to something particular. So we filled up the form and started the anti-ageing facial. It didn’t really suit my mother because maybe she was allergic to some of the product which made her face swelled and even because her skin is quite very sensitive. So, it’s best if you know what exactly are you allergic too.


There’s one of the issue of ladies (such as me) face that there’s a lot of us who were looking for a wax which is painless. Well Blush N Curls has it right there for you! I’m so eager to try it and I’ll definitely update you guys about it whenever I’ve tried it.

Overall, It was quite a lovely experience and the staff is very friendly and open to all your questions and feedback.  You should visit the Salon and give me your feedback too!

You can book an appointment online through Vaniday Here
Phone: 04-2652292
Instagram: @blush.curls


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