Ayam Elezz

Hey Foodies!!!

I hope you’re having a great time & if you’re not, I have something to make your weekend exciting! Well, if you’re a fan of Lebanese food you have to try Ayam Elezz which is located at The Mall Jumeirah which is just right opposite Burj Al Arab. The Mall opened up around 7-8 months back so it’s a pretty good place to hang around. Coming back to Lebanese food (Yum!)


So as you all know I’m foodie, but you might not know how much I love Lebanese foods!! I’m too picky in my options so it doesn’t show that I’m into such too! Well, this restaurant took my heart on how amazing the food tastes and how amazing it looks!! There was some Arabic music playing in the background.

Let’s start with a video:

To start off with what I started was a really amazing Welcome Bread which came with two sauces on a wooden plate. That’s a completely complimentary treat for you when you visit them. The two sauces are fettah cheese with some special Lebanese ingredient and the other one involves of high quality imported olive oil. I also ordered Hummus which was MIND-BLOWING! Why? It was served with a really hot and fresh bread. Something I could have all day! There’s hardly restaurants in Dubai which serve you fresh bread with Hummus!


I even ordered Batata Harara which is crispy fried spicy potatoes which are infused with garlic, olive oil, coriander and chili. It tastes so good. If you love spicy food, you must try it! This can be also tried with the fresh bread or else plain without anything. No matter how you have it, it’s delicious!


I ordered a glass of Sprite and a Fresh Pineapple Juice. The pineapple juice came in a cute small glass with the pineapple on top! It tasted pretty good to be fresh!


Then comes the time to order mains from the grill corner. I ordered the Boneless Grilled Chicken which is for 59 Dhs. It’s served with french fries and garlic sauce. You can ask them to get you some ketchup too, to make your taste amazing! I loved having it with the same fresh bread; ate it in a completely desi way! A must have when you visit them. There’s a lot more in the grill corner which you’d love to try such as Mixed Grill, Sheesh Taouk, Kafta, Kebab Orfali and a lot more.


All of this filled me up so much, but it was a must to have desserts! Then I ordered some Ice cream which was three scoops; one Vanilla, Chocolate and Pistachio added with a little piece of biscuit.


If you’re someone who likes Sheesha, there’s a separate outdoor area for you to enjoy Sheesha as well. Good thing if you’re not a Sheesha person is you can spend good time indoors without having to cough due to smoke. I absolutely love the interior as it’s filled with some gorgeous things from Lebanon.

I absolutely recommend you to visit this place and enjoy the amazing food they’ve kept in for you. Absolutely impressed with the quality of food, the staff service, the freshness of food and everything else! They’ve got some great lunch and breakfast deals, do check it out on Zomato:

Ayam Elezz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Make a reservation here: 04-4376069

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you liked my post!


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