Rimmel BB Radiance Cream

Hey Girls!

Hope you guys are having an amazing time and enjoying and not so enjoying the summer heat! Now that we all usually have problems with our makeup, during summers, we end up looking exhausted by the heat or sweaty throughout the day!

This post has something related to do with summer heat! This summer, come alive again with Rimmel’s 9 in 1 BB Radiance Cream!


This BB cream from Rimmel London will do wonders with its 9 benefits which will do it all for your skin! It’s soon to hit your morning makeup essentials! (By the way, it’s my first time trying out Rimmel London’s BB Cream and I’ve been amazed!)


It’s available in two shades, light or medium whichever suits your skin perfectly! I’m using the shade medium and it perfectly blends in with my skin tone. The radiance BB Cream includes of SPF20 which is just so important to protect your skin from harmful UV Rays and providing protection from the sun. And as we all know it’s so important and yet hard if you’re living in the UAE to take care of your skin due to the weather conditions!

Another benefit is that it keeps your skin moisturized all the time as its formulated with nourishing Shea butter.

RimmelBBCream -3.JPG

It’s pretty lightweight as it’s just 30 ml, so it can easily fit into your handbag! It’s just so simple to use!

The 9 Benefits:

  1. Primes
  2. Smooths
  3. Conceals
  4. Helps in minimizing the appearance of pores
  5. Provides natural looking coverage
  6. Moisturizes for 24 hours
  7. Awakens tired skin
  8. Brightens the skin
  9. Gives a radiant finish

Price: 39 Dhs (quite affordable yeah?)

Point of Sale: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour, Centrepoint

Head now to your nearest beauty store and grab this amazing BB cream with it’s amazing benefits which is ready to bring your glow back!


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