Glambox September 2016

Hey Ladies!

Here’s a really special and one of my favorite Glambox Subscriptions in a really long time. It’s time to discover Korean Beauty with Glambox. This September box is something you’d really wanna get your hands on.


Unboxing Video:

Here’s all of the products which are included in the box:

  • Melting Colour Lip Creamer by The Face Shop
    This amazing lip creamer is oh so gorgeous by The Face Shop. It’s extremely moisturizing. It’s priced for around 60 Dhs. It’s a combination of the smooth lip gloss, and shades of a lipstick formula. It looks amazing and it’s best for someone who is interested in a simple and glossy look.
  • Charcoal Plant Cleansing Puff by The Face Shop
    This puff from The Face Shop removes skin impurities, deeply cleanses pores. It also helps the skin stay moisturized. It’s perfect for those who are working on to achieve a beautiful complexion in their cleansing routine.glambox-september2016-6
  • WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner by Skin79
    This wonder fix brush eyeliner in brown is not just good for the eyes but could be used on eyebrows too! It’s perfectly long lasting. This special product of Skin79 from Korea does wonders to your eyes giving it a sharp look.glambox-september2016-5
  • BROW CLASS Coloring Mascara by Skin79
    It’s a brown color eyebrow mascara that naturally colors your dark eyebrow to match with your hair color. I haven’t ever used brow mascara’s but I think its one thing I’d start using now onwards.
  • Super Aqua Ice Tear Kit – Toner & Emulsion by Missha
    I checked out the collection Missha had, and it was amazing. They’ve added a ice tear trial kit to Glambox this month. There’s samples of two products; a toner and an emulsion. This skin care product to help moisturize the skin.glambox-september2016
  • Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch by The Face Shop
    I’ve always heard of face masks but something for the lips? I’ve heard it for the first time. The cherry cherry lips gel patch is only for a one time use. You can simply use it by applying for 15 minutes. This is best for those who use lipstick everyday and their lips have become bad! It’s priced for around 25 Dhs!

If you’d like to get this box as well, don’t forget to subscribe before the 14th of September on It’s just for 71 Dhs a month.

Thanks for reading, and stay updated to more on my Instagram: @lakhsha.zahid 


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