Beauty Day at Zuri Beauty Lounge

Hello Again!

It’s been over 10-12 times I’ve visited The Mall, Jumeirah which is a newly opened mall right opposite Burj Al Arab! The Mall is pretty much quite and peaceful if you’re willing to head for a relaxing time! I happen to have tried Zuri Beauty Lounge for a review, but I was pretty impressed by their services that I had to re-visit them again and again! I am always on a check for new Beauty Salon’s for me and my mom!

Let’s talk a little more about their salon! I went to Zuri Beauty Lounge to have a haircut, blow-dry and a manicure! I had a pretty nice experience for my hair, as I needed a trim really badly ( I don’t cut my hair more than a trim, love them way too much as most of you know ).


My hair was being taken care by the hairdresser Afaf, and she started with a hair wash to begin the haircut. She took care of the length I wanted to maintain! After that she began with a blowdry, to show me the new look of my hair, and it perfectly looked great! My dead ends of hair were gone! It took me about 45-50 minutes!

Then I started off with a manicure, where I was asked first to choose a nail paint, so I went for french nail polish as it’s my favorite and it’s been long I didn’t get a chance to have it on my nails.

Zuri4My hands were being taken care by Anne Michelle and till today, I only like sitting with her. She’s a complete friendly personality who knows now what type of shape I like, the choice of colors etc! Manicure started off by dipping in nails in water and then began the cuticle, cut, nail filing and shaping.

I always feel ticklish when it comes to massage, but her massage was really good and relaxed my hands. Then she started off with the french nail polish, and even though my nails were small, she still managed to do it on them. I think that’s quite challenging! Zuri5Finally, after my nail polish, she used the quick dry for my nails to dry quicker! This took about 30 minutes and I was done in no time!

Zuri Beauty is specialist is in not just Nail care, but hair cut, styles, coloring and extensions. They’ve also got high end treatments like Caviar, Redken and Loreal Treatments. They do gel nails very beautifully. You can always trust them on threading, waxing, bleaching, body massage, makeup and facials too. I so want to try out their other services.


The next appointment I booked was through Vaniday for a Basic Pedicure at the Salon and once again it was one of the greatest experiences too by Anne! If you wish to book an appointment through Vaniday Click Here. You don’t need to pay there if you’ll pay here through the amazing Beauty App.


Else, you can directly call them up to book your appointment 04-2886915 or 050-4049601

Thank you for reading!


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