Raju Omlet

Raajuu!! Get me a karaak please?

Raju Omlet is a restaurant which is extremely hard to find in Dubai. Their main ingredient is an egg, YES an egg. They’ve had several recipes which are absolutely mouth-watering right in your stomach.


For one of the best breakfasts and lunch in Dubai, you must visit their branch. I tried out several items from them which were absolutely tasty! Here’s a review of my most favorites:

Kadak Masala Tea
If you are a tea-o-holic like me or have never tried tea before, Raju Omlet is the place where your love for tea will start all over again! Having a wide range of different types of south-asian tea, I chose to pick my top fav called Kadak Masala (due to my love for spice in everything).


This strong karak hot tea will leave your mind to instantly refresh while leaving a nice spicy flavor from your tongue down your throat. Not only was the tea extremely good when it came to taste and refreshment of yourself but the way it is served by them on a traditional stand inside a glass cup, to be honest I wish all teas were served this way but least now we can get the perfect tea at Raju Omlet!

Cheese Masala Omlet
Cheese and Omlet is a really good combination and Raju Omlet gets it! A perfect blend of omlet made from just day old fresh eggs mixed with spices and wrapped around some very cheesy cheddar cheese is one epic way of having an omlet.

RajuOmlet8Due to how fresh the eggs are which are used the omlet smells delicious and is very easily breakable if you love to have it with a choice of paratha or pav bread. Having this omlet with the pav bread was definitely the best combination ever, the taste, the tenderness, all so perfect and sipping up the Masala Tea while having it is simply one of the one of the best breakfasts you would have in Dubai.

Chilly Omlet
As you guys can probably tell by now, I love food filled with taste and spice and that’s what I tried with this Omlet. Again, a fresh omlet made with just a day old egg mixed up with the best natural spice ingredient we have today called green chili!

RajuOmlet7And wow, one of the best omlets I have ever tasted, so tender, so fresh and at the same time extremely tasteful. And this time I had it with their paratha and it was an epic combination to have these both together, certainly a must try! If you love omlets or egg combinations, Raju Omlet is where you need to go first and foremost!

Orange Juice Raju Style
I’ve had orange juices at many places but didn’t really like it. Usually its plain, with no taste. But when I tried Raju Omlet’s orange juice, I fell in love with it. This orange juice is filled with good taste and will refresh you up.

RajuOmlet1 Yes! That’s right! It’s freshly squeezed orange juice stirred with hint of rock salt and sugar. It’s priced at 10 dhs which is completely affordable!


The staff is extremely happy and dressed up like those filmy Raju’s! I’m sure you all would love the desi atmosphere and the amazing look of the restaurant. I would totally recommend you guys to try it as it has now become my favorite place to have some good desi food at! Good news to all Sharjah people, Raju Omlet is opening soon in Safeer Mall Yay!

Thanks for reading x

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