Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk

Hey ladies! I know I took time to post this, but I was doing my experiments with the Shampoo Replacement’s!

A few months back I received a pack of 3 different Shampoo replacement’s from Dabur Amla. I knew I’d be having some good response as I have tried various products. So this package had 3 different bottles; Moisturizing, Volumizing and Strengthening.


I personally love the smell of the Cleansing Milk. Dabur Amla Hair Cleansing Milk is giving the goodness of milk proteins to give you fabulous hair everyday. There’s quite much disadvantages of using those high detergent shampoos everyday. Let’s start talking about the three different Hair Cleansing Milk’s:

  1. Volumizing: Dabur Amla Shampoo replacement comes in a white bottle with a little red packaging. It’s for limp and oily hair! If your hair is oily and you want to give it some good volume, then you must try this out!
  2. Strengthening: Dabur Amla also introduced the Shampoo Replacement for weak and falling hair. To now solve the problem for all your weak hair, and when they fall off too quickly. Results have shown up  gradually, not immediately.
  3. Moisturizing: This is for dry and rough hair. So since my hair isn’t dry. I made someone else try it to tell me the real results. Within two weeks of use, her hair had started getting moisturized. It comes in a white and blue packaging.
Strengthening; for weak and falling hair
Volumizing; For limp and oily hair
Moisturizing; For dry and rough hair

Overall, it was a great experience with these Shampoo replacements. I would totally recommend you to try out this new launch. Its available for 17 Dhs at Carrefour and Union Co-Op stores in Dubai. The Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk Shampoo Replacement comes in a 400 Ml bottle, good for 1 and a half month depending on your use.


So Ladies! It’s time to get rid of those detergent shampoos to Dabur Amla Cleansing Milk!

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