The Parlour, Fortnum & Mason

Summer Heat is just increasing day by day! Hello Everyone!

I know I took a bit too long for this particular blog-post and many of you waited for this! Huge apologies for that to you guys!

Let’s start talking about this beautiful place I always had dreams of visiting whenever I passed by Souk al Bahr or Downtown Dubai and to have some good ice-cream. Yes I’m definitely talking about The Parlour,  which is located at the second floor of Fortnum & Mason. The place is filled with beautiful interior, and a spectacular view of Burj Khalifa. Let’s get started!



So I visited The Parlour at the beginning of June to try out some of their special items. As soon as we entered, the staff was very welcoming and friendly. They guided us to take our seats and helped us out with the huge menu to choose from. They also offered us with Cold Mineral Water before we get started with anything. First I ordered the Original Lemonade, which tasted amazing and had tasteful fresh lemon juice, sparkling water and sugar syrup mixed altogether. It’s priced at 75 Dhs.


Second drink we ordered was the Lapsang Souchong which was served with Honey on side. A pretty cute and unique concept with having it served right on the table.Now you can refresh yourself in the most luxurious way by trying out this very famous drink at Fortnum & Mason. It will for sure leave you refreshed and rich just how the wealthy used to back in the days. This is one of the oldest tea from China and the taste feels exactly out of this world where its served royally in cup along with traditional tea pot and strainer. Tea has never felt so good.Their tea costs just for 40 Dhs.


Then came the time for Ice-cream, where you have the chance to see the chef make it and see what ingredients she’d add in them. Of-course I was never going to miss this perfect opportunity so I decided to see it and record to show you guys as well how it was done! So here’s the video:

This is the Banana Split: As you see it’s caramelized banana, filled with strawberries, Banana and Salted Caramel Ice-cream topped with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Roast Flaked Almonds. This is priced at 85 Dhs. This ice-cream is totally good for two people if you’re someone who has little portion and as seen in the video, there 3 ice-cream scoops.

Lastly, I ordered an Ice-cream cone of the flavor Vanilla and another flavor which is Choco Biscuits a mixture of Vanilla and chocolate biscuits squished.


The Parlour also has amazing  cakes, breakfast items, hot drinks, cold drinks and pastries. Beat the Summer Heat now with Fortnum & Mason.

Book a reservation at: 04 3882627

Thank you so much for reading, and make sure you give it a try next time on your visit.


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