Skin 18 Reviewer Program

Hey guys!

So I received some samples to try out from Skin 18 as they’ve got a reviewer program going on and of-course I didn’t wanna miss this out since I’ve heard a lot about these products almost everywhere. Skin care is very important specially when you use a lot of makeup!

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Well here’s my review for the following products:

  • Ben & Sera 30 days Anti-aging Project Serum (3ml syringe sample):
    This sample is enough to be used for 10-20 days! It’s a bit hard to take out from the syringe, but the sample works really good. You can expect improvement of wrinkles, and moisture. You can apply this every morning and every night after you apply lotion to your skin. You must be very careful with the packaging and make sure you’re only using one drop at a time. I haven’t really used this product since it’s for anti aging and my skin is sensitive so I made my mom try this out and she liked it way too much!
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  • LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask – Friday [Acerola – Recovery Mask]:
    It is a highly enriched product of Skin 18. This amazing mask moisturizes the skin and blocks the toxic substances to the skin. It’s a 7 days scheduler mask with different functions for a skin renewal process. The scent of this particular mask is so fruity. It felt good when I applied this mask. My skin felt glowy later after removal of the mask. All you have to do to is wash your face and then spread the sheet mask over your face and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Usage of this 7 day recovery mask will help your skin recover soon!
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  • Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip:
    Use this nose strip after cleansing your face, and wet your nose so the strip can easily stick because it doesn’t stick to a dry nose. Simply then peel it off from the plastic. Apply it to the nose area and press it. Wait until 10-20 minutes. The strip will feel stiff meaning then it’s ready to remove. Slowly start peeling it off from the edges, pulling it towards the center.
    It felt a bit painful as you remove, so be careful that it should first be removed from sides.
    This removes the dirt from nose. It also cleans the pores, removes blackheads on nose, minimize’s and tighten pores. It comes in a variety of flavors.
    Skin18 (2)
  • Mirum Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Natural Mask Pack
    This mask pack of Berry extract provided my skin with extra softness.  It’s a cotton mask packed in this gorgeous packaging which takes care of the beauty and health of the skin. To use this mask, all you have to do is to apply on your cleansed face for 20 minutes, make sure it’s there until the essence of the mask is absorbed then massage it after you’ve removed.
    Skin18 (4)
  • Royal Skin The Animalian Mask – Tiger
    This mask helps in brightening a dark and dull skin. This mask actually didn’t make me feel like it’s a mask, because the 15 minutes where I applied it, was so much fun! The mask will also moisturize and nourish the skin very easily! Overall it’s a great mask with a great essence as well! I prefer using this mask after every 3-4 days. To use this mask, it’s the same steps, all you have to do is let the essence be absorbed on your skin by 15 minutes and remove the mask.
    Skin18 (5)

Well If you too would like to try out their Reviewer program and receive some samples, you can just visit their website at

Thank you for reading! Do let me know if you’ve tried any particular products too from Skin18!


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