Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Double Liner & Volume Colourist Mascara

Hey Ladies,

I’m back on track with my Makeup updates and I’ve got some new favorites!

Rimmel London has released an all New Magnif’Eyes 2-In-1 Double Liner and Volume Colourist Mascara.


Magnif’Eyes 2-In-1 Double Liner:
Something extremely different which involves of a Kohl Kajal and Shadow comes extremely handy for a girl carrying her makeup. Magnif’Eyes 2-In-1 Double Liner is an 24 hour 2-in- 1 shadow and kohl liner to make a lasting impression.

It is a long lasting, waterproof, crease proof, transfer proof formula which comes altogether in a single product. The double ended stay true shadow  is having of different combinations and Kohl Kajal Liner is from matte to shimmer to pearly shades. This product comes really handy for ladies, who do not like carrying a lot of makeup in their handbags!

I usually like applying a little of it on my eyes and smudging it around with my fingers! It totally depends how much of the shade you want to be visible! If you would like the shade to be visible as it is, then you can just apply it directly without any smudging! Sometimes, You can also use it as a liner under your eyes, if you’re ever looking for something glittery.

Rimmel_Lakhsha (1)Rimmel_Lakhsha (3)Rimmel_Lakhsha (4)

The Shades:
– Shade 001: Back to Blacks
– Shade 002: Kissed by a Rose Gold
– Shade 003: Queens of the Bronzed Age
– Shade 004: Dark Side of Blue
– Shade 005: Pink and Purple rain

Rimmel_Lakhsha (5)
Swatches of all the beautiful shades!

Volume Colourist Mascara:
The all new Volume Colourist Mascara from Rimmel London reveals more lashes. It’s Rimmel’s first mascara which makes bare lashes darker overtime. From 2 weeks on-wards of regular usage, your naked lashes look darker! The more you use, the better your lashes turn out to be! It has a creamy formula.

It comes in a Black packaging which has a pink black cover at the top.The wand has got some thick bristles which actually is really good! I’m not really able to test the tint of it since my lashes are pretty dark but If you’ve got light lashes, I wanna know from you!!

I would totally not recommend you to wear this mascara if you’re going to cry! Since it’s not a waterproof mascara! You can expect it to smudge over your eyes! So Ladies, don’t wear it on your emotional days or sad movies. Well, never the less I liked the look it gave on my eyes and it looked pretty good!

Ladies, this mascara is also easy to remove with a regular eye makeup remover.

Rimmel_Lakhsha (2).JPG

Point of Sales:
Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara: 51 Dhs
Magnif’eyes Double liner: 45 Dhs


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