Kalm Holistic Beauty

Hello Everyone!

As most of you had seen my new hair color on my Instagram. I’d  like to drop in a quick review about my experience at Kalm.

Kalm Holistic (13).JPG

So I went to Kalm Holistic Beauty which is located at the Palm for a hair color as I thought it’s time I change my hair color and try out something different!

I visited with the winner of my previous contest, where the winner had a chance to experience Full Body Massage and a Luxury Pedicure and Manicure as per their choice!

The staff was extremely welcoming to all of us and assisted us during the time we had booked our appointments. It’s pretty much advisable to book your appointments with them well before in advance as they’re usually booked! You can find the parking outside and if not there, there’s more parking for the Club!

Kalm Holistic (2)Kalm Holistic (8)Kalm Holistic (9)

There are actually two separate sections for the saloons where one place is for Facials, Massage etc (you can call it the works which need silence) and the hair works in another section, so it’s with good spacing as well! Kalm has a wide variety of nail-polish shades so you don’t have to worry about not even one shade!

I came across three ladies, who were there throughout our treatments, Chris for the hair, MJ for the manicure and pedicure and Juvy for the body massage! Chris is a great friendly hairdresser, especially if you’re into deep confusion! I was highly confused wondering what shade to go in for Burgundy as I didn’t want a lot of Red looks on me either!

It took me about an hour to get done with my hair color. She applied the hair color slowly as my hair was in different shades, so to make them equal she applied on my roots first, and then the complete hair. During the time you’re waiting, you can enjoy reading some of the magazines they have or just be on your phone ( They’ve got free Wifi for their customers )! After I was done with the color, she washed my hair and gave me a nice massage while on the hair washing chair. It honestly felt so nice because what more does a person need when they’re so tired after having a really long day! It made me feel relaxed and refreshed again! Well, then finally I could start seeing the hair color as Chris Blow-dry’d my hair into straight and gave them a gorgeous shine!

Kalm Holistic (6)Kalm Holistic (4)Kalm Holistic (1)

Kalm Holistic (10)
Before and After of Hair Color

Sad truth is, my hair color started to fade in 7 days, so now it’s not exact Burgundy, but gives shades of red/orange whenever under sun! You guys must have come across the new shades on my social media accounts.

Another great thing about this Salon is, that if you spend some amount of money, you get another as Credits which can be used at the Saloon again, just like the loyalty cards we use! They also have different packages and offers each month specially for their customers which are at discounted prices!

The Staff is well trained in Pedicure and Manicures! There’s a total of 6 seats for the Nail care! The Luxury Pedicure involves of everything which is in the normal pedicure, and includes of adding a mask and some extra massage to your feet!

Kalm Holistic (3)

Review from the Winner:

“I enjoyed the body massage and I recommend everyone to get it done because it will make them stress free. I expected more from the Luxury pedicure, but never-the-less the massage on feet was worth it. Overall my day was great and I’d rate the salon a 4.5 / 5 .. Thank you for the experience Kalm.”

Kalm Holistic (12)
Customer enjoying her manicure and pedicure at Kalm

Address: The Palm, between Shoreline 7 & 8, Riva Beach Club, Dubai, UAE.
Opening hours – 7 days a week from 10am until 9 pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalmbeauty
Contact on: 04-4519988

Hope you guys liked it! Don’t forget to visit them!


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