The Gingerbread Box

Hello Everyone!

I’m always excited for subscription boxes no matter what! This time, it was about a box filled with sweetness in it! Exciting right? The name itself sounds amazing; The Gingerbread Box!

The Gingerbread Box (7)The Gingerbread Box (6)The Gingerbread Box (5)

The Gingerbread Box sends in some great treats in the first week of the month, with lots of tasty and mouth-watering sweets from the greatest  confectionery brands in the UAE. Best thing is, if you love trying new items, then this is the best which could be delivered at your door step for just 89 Dhs!

Check out the un-boxing video here:

Here are the items which were included in the box:

  1. Glazed Zucchini Chia Cake from Barsalata Dubai
    A cake best  with strawberry’s on side! This cake contains gluten, eggs and other ingredients!
    The Gingerbread Box (8)
  2. The Legendary Gluten Free Brownies from Oushe Bakeshop
    I have had been missing brownies from a long time, and something with a really great taste comes really less! These brownies were my favorite!
    Don’t forget to check their website:
    The Gingerbread Box (3)
  3. Irish Rose Shortbread from Zo’s Kitchen
    You can check out more on
    The Gingerbread Box (1)
  4. Russian Tea Bread from Baker & Spice
    Something different to try!
    The Gingerbread Box (2)
  5. Artisan Rock Candy from Candy Me
    This is the cutest candy you’d come across!
    The Gingerbread Box (4)

Another good thing about these items is, that the expiry dates and production dates are mentioned on the item and the leaflet, with a short description of what all each item involves of, so you can have a clear idea of whatever the ingredients are.

To subscribe, visit their website:

Price: 89 Dhs per month

Call them up for more information: 971 50 283 7643

Get 15% off your purchase with discount code: MAYBOX15 (Use before 29th April)

Thank you!


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