Azkadenya Brunch

I would like to share with you all one of my new experiences of an Arabic brunch recently. Azkadenya is a retro Arabic restaurant that serves traditional dishes in an extremely mouth-watering taste!

Azkadenya (3)

I love the fact how Azkadenya is extremely beautiful in its decor, design and menu! The atmosphere and staff is extremely friendly! Everything at Azkadenya speaks, from the walls, menu’s, tissue’s to even their plates which are represented by renowned Arabic artists!

Well, now Azkadenya has launched its daily brunch menu to help the day get started. The brunch starts from 10 am to 1 pm everyday from Sunday to Thursday! It will cost you for about 110 Dhs for two people! Just in-case you’re enjoying the brunch at Mercato Mall, you can easily add shisha to the brunch too!

Azkadenya (1)Azkadenya (2)Azkadenya (5)Azkadenya (6)Azkadenya (7)

Here’s a list of items available in the Brunch Menu:

  1. Zaatar
  2. Halloumi Cheese
  3. Signature Egg; Traditional Omelette
  4. Homemade Foul or Fattet Hummos with Yoghurt
  5. Labneh Salad
  6. Cured Green Olives
  7. Vegetable Plate
  8. Beverages for two (Tea, Coffee and 1 large bottle of water)

I loved their traditional omelette the most! You must try it! It has a special taste, which is there only in a few places!

Azkadenya (4)

Price: 110 Dhs
Location: Mall of the Emirates & Mercato Mall

Hope to see you guys try it! Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #AzkadenyaUAE

Instagram: @AzkadenyaUAE


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