Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

I always heard of people using BB Creams, but never really tried because I was still wondering which one is better! So around two weeks back I came across, Garnier BB Cream. I had a pretty good experience with BB Cream and actually found out what exactly a BB cream is now!

Garnier BB (1)

It provides a daily benefit care with moisturizing, protecting and unifying properties to keep every woman’s skin looking and feeling healthy. Garnier BB cream comes in a wide variety of types to suit every skin type.

My experience:

It has a pleasant smell, so products which have a good fragrance attract me almost every time!  This smells lasts for about 2-3 hours. The Garnier BB Cream is an all-round solution for every girl’s skin. I had an extremely healthy looking skin for almost the entire day. Filled with good coverage and 24 hours hydration. It protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays.

I was pretty tired of applying foundations, until this amazing thing came handy to me! It’s just exactly like a cream but it just gives you a little shade on your face, covers any marks if so! For darker marks, you might need to apply a concealer. I would put this in a category of a comfortable makeup look.

I use the BB cream usually by applying on my hand and then over to my face as a cream itself.. Sometimes, I apply with a sponge and then just apply a face powder under my eyes, if my dark circles are too visible!

Garnier BB (2)


The Garnier Skin Naturals BB cream comes in a small tube which contains 50 ml inside it. It’s mainly like other tubes which have creams! It’s quite easy to take out, and if you even wish to remove a little from it, you can easily take out the required amount from it. The advantage of this is that it just wont come on your hand non-stop!

Garnier BB (1)Garnier BB (3)


  • BB Classic: All skin types, in three shades starts from Extra Light, to Light and Medium. I’m using the Light one and it looks perfect on my skin.
  • BB Oil-Free: It is ideal for greasy skin and comes in two options of Light and Medium.
  • BB Eye Contour: It’s designed to treat under eye dark circles, and comes in both Light and Medium. This is a must have if you have huge eye bags!
  • BB SPF50: provides effective sun protection and is available in both Light and Medium.
  • BB Pure Active: Available in Light and Medium. This will cover imperfections while creating a smooth, flawless look.


  • Garnier BB Cream Classic: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Cream Oil-Free: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Eye Contour: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Pure Active: AED 31.50
  • Garnier BB Cream SPF50: AED 39

Do let me know what you guys think about this product, and if you have recently tried or going to try it.

Thank you!

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