Lancaster: 365 Sun Compact SPF 30

Hello Everyone!

There was a recent launch by Lancaster, 365 SUN COMPACT SPF 30. I tried this product and thought for reviewing it too! It’s described as the best of Lancaster’s sun protection and most advanced skin technology..

Lancaster (3)

Lancaster helps capturing tanning in everyday form! This is one of the solutions to keep your skin sun-kissed. It will give you a slight tan face glow no matter what the weather may be.

Lancaster (1)Lancaster (2)

It’s perfect for protecting, creating a glow and taking care of your skin. Sun Compact is available in different shades to match different skin tones:
1) Sun Compact Light Glow
2) Sun Compact Sunny Glow
3) Sun Compact Golden Glow

Lancaster 1.png

Lancaster: 365 Sun Compact SPF 30 has a velvety smooth texture! It’s simply easy to carry it because it’s  small in size so it can easily fit in your makeup pouch! Oh the smell of it, it’s perfectly amazing! When I applied it, I fell in love with the smell of it!

How to use?
Use the soft sponge, and apply the right amount of compact on it and just apply it over your face. The velvety texture then transforms into a powdery feeling. And finally, the glow of a tan skin appears on your face!

Lancaster (5)Lancaster (4)

Sun Protection Compact Powder SPF 30 – 165 Dhs

Point of Sale:
Available in pharmacies and perfumeries


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