Original Wings & Rings

Hello Everyone!

It’s finally weekend, something we all desperately wait for! So I thought how about I suggest you all a restaurant this time! A few days back, I visited Original Wings & Rings located at Liberty House, DIFC.

OWR (3)

Original Wings & Rings is a Sports Restaurant and Bar. They’re famous for their burgers, crispy rings and some delicious wings! They have a separate area for smokers and non-smokers! It’s that kind of a place where you can invite your family and friends for a get together, play some games, share stories, hear some music and enjoy some great food as well!

Original Wings & Rings celebrates it’s anniversary every March, so they’re offering a set 2-course menu brunch for 100 Dhs on every Friday of March & April. Don’t miss out the offer!!

OWR (4)OWR (8)OWR (9)

As soon as I entered, the staff explained me about all the dishes they have and what’s special and what would go according to my taste. This just shows that the staff was really well-trained. They also gave us their sauces with french fries to taste, to see what we’d like for the wings in our meal! I pretty much like this idea, so that the person will have an idea what flavor they’re more interested in. Due to that, I tried all the flavors and chose my favorite one which was Sweet & Sour.

OWR (10).JPG

They also have a variety of offers such as Happy Hours, Ladies Nights, Lunch Meals, Mexican Mondays, Open Mic Nights etc!

I loved the Fresh Fruit Freezers, as I tried Freeze Mango and it tasted absolutely great. It’s for 29 Dhs only! It also involves of more flavors like Minted Lemonade, Banana Passion, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana etc.. I tried the orange juice and it tasted as good as fresh!
They’ve got a variety of fresh juices like orange, lemon mint and  lemon juice at the price of 23 Dhs!
However, they also have soft drinks and Mocktails if you wish for any!
OWR Drinks

I’m always looking forward to some of the starter and I like to keep it light! So, I didn’t go for any Chicken item yet so I could keep space for my main menu! Therefore, I chose Nachos which were topped with melted cheddar cheese and jalapenos which is served with Salsa. As I’m a complete lover of salsa, I thought salsa was pretty less in compare to the amount of Nachos. But they do offer you more salsa if you’d need! Nachos are priced at 30 Dhs.
They also have Buffalo Chicken Nachos, Mini Burgers, Tender Basket, Chicken Popcorn, Mozz Cheese Sticks, Sloppy Fries, Quesadilla and Hand Breaded Onion Rings.

OWR (11).JPG

If you’re a salad lover, then here’s a good news! They’ve got different types of salads as well! Greek, Caesar, Grilled Chicken, Garden salad and much more!

Let’s get to their specialty. Wings! Something different than the ordinary I’ve eaten! So, I tried the Traditional Wings, which involves of 10 wings with fries, bleu cheese or ranch & I also tried the Crispy Tenders which were 4 with a ranch sauce. Both of these cost 65 Dhs each! You can choose the flavor you like for it! I chose the Sweet & Sour flavor for both, as I found that to be the tastiest! Then comes a challenging part, to choose how hot should the wings be? Atomic – extreme spicy!! X-Hot, Med-Hot and Mild! So I chose Med-Hot and that was pretty spicy too!

OWR (2)OWR (5)OWR (6)

Wraps, Burgers & Sandwiches:
There’s some sandwiches, Wraps and Gyros and Pitas. Chicken Fajita is a new one in their menu now! Will be trying that out soon! Burger lovers can try the Italian Burger, Buffalo Ringer Burger, Mexican Burger, Beef Burger etc..

Their extra items involve of curly fries, French Fries, Potato Wedges, Ranch, Coleslaw, Bleu Cheese, Melted Cheese, Beef Bacon and Wing Sauces!

To add a little sweetness to your meal, they have some amazing desserts! I tried the Rock Slide Brownie with an extra Ice-cream! It was an amazing ending I had before I left the place!

OWR (1)OWR (7)

Facebook: facebook.com/OriginalWingsAndRings
Twitter: @BuffaloWingsAE
Instagram: @BuffaloEmirates

Thank you for reading, and do share your views about their mouth-watering wings!


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