Bourjois Lash Guide

Ever since I’ve started using makeup I’ve always been using Bourjois Mascaras. From colorful, to extra volume mascaras! I love everything about the mascaras, the color, the volume and the packaging. I’ll be introducing two great mascaras from Bourjois:

Bourjois Mascaras
Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara
Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara


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Left: Volume Clubbing Ultra Black, & Right: Volume Glamour Max Definition

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara:
This mascara is mainly for high definition lashes. It has a technological brush with over 500 bristles and maxi volume formula. It also offers lashes with an intense black finish, extraordinary precision and flawless, clump-free wear for up to 16 hours. This one is perfect for those ladies, with thin lashes.
It can get a little tough to remove but the good part is that it can stay for really long. It is pretty suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses (like me). I didn’t have any sort of struggle with it on my eyes as the mascara, didn’t move into my eye.
Priced at 69 Dhs

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara:
If you’re looking for bold, dark and gorgeous lashes – this is your match! This mascara’s formula is enriched in intense black mineral pigments to give you a darker, bolder “Femme Fatale” look. The only mascara which is dark, is Volume Clubbing Ultra Black Mascara! Gives an extreme black look.
A 100 % tear and sweat proof mascara. The only problem faced with this mascara was that the brush carried a lot of mascara which gets spilled over eyes sometimes.
Priced at 69 Dhs


Point of Sale: Wojooh, Lifestyle, MAX and Boots



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