Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – with Diamond Crystals

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Everyone is so busy nowadays, that none of us have time for taking care of our feet and it ends up being rough.

Scholl is a famous worldwide brand for feet care. Recently, they released their Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals. It’s an electronic foot file that effectively removes hard skin on the foot. Skin is left smooth and soft after application.

Scholl (1)

Here’s my review: Continue reading


Calvin Klein – Eternity Now

Calvin Klein one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands has launched the Calvin Klein, Eternity Now, a perfume for men and women. No doubt, their perfumes are extremely good! I must say, both the perfumes, smell perfectly great and are extremely long lasting!

Eternity Now, which captures the new emotion of love, specially when two people are aware that its the beginning of forever ♥

Eternity Now (1)

About the Fragrance:
Bright addictive floral
Top: Juicy Nectarine, Lychee, Quince Sorbet
Mid: Peony, Peach Blossom, Neroli Petals
Dry: Cashmere Veil, Ambrox, Sensual Musk

The packaging of Calvin Klein gives it a classic shape in a contemporary way.It’s in clear glass bottles, which give the perfume a luxurious feel. The packaging of it is done in juicy pink to give it a female feeling!

Eternity Now (2)CK (1)CK (2)

Eternity Now for Women, Pricing:
50ML – 255 AED
100ML – 345 AED

Sephora & Paris Gallery

The perfume usually lasts for about 8-10 hours, sometimes it might last even more longer! You will for sure love this perfume, if you’re a person who loves light and floral fragrances. It would be also a great idea to gift this to your loved one on any occasion!

Eternity Now (4)

To read about the Eternity Now for Men, check my blog-post Valentine’s Day Guide (Click here to view)

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My Vaniday Experience

Hello Everyone!

Are you tired of waiting for your turn at your favorite Salon? Here’s a solution to your problem! Download the Vaniday app or you can even use the website :


So it’s just too simple! I first thought it’ll be really hectic and un-safe to give my credit card details, but nothing went wrong at all! I only faced a mini-difficulty entering a voucher code but the staff assisted me same time and helped me get through it!

Well, to start with it has really simple steps of booking:
1) Download the application in your mobile phone (it’s available for Android and IOS)
2) Choose the service you wish to have done from any of the saloons, or to find a saloon nearby you!
3) You can choose the date and time for the service easily and proceed to the payment section!
4) Then simple Sign Up by creating an account by adding your email, username and password else just Log in if you’re a user already!
5) Then finally you select the option of adding your card details, and the payment is done online!
6) You can also write a small comment for Vaniday and the Saloon to know in-case there’s anything they should be informed about before you visit!


The best part is, it’s just not for ladies but men too! So all you men out there, can book appointments too!

Vaniday is filled with all the salons in UAE, which involves massages, hair care, nail treatments, makeup and much more! I must say this is the best and easiest platform for all the beauty lovers to easily book their appointments and wouldn’t even need to worry!

My Experience:

So I personally wanted to try Kyra Henna & Beauty Salon and something which was also closer to me (after all the research on Vaniday), so I went there with my mother and sister for our treatments!

So as we entered, the staff already knew we would be dropping in for an appointment and they were aware what we’d like to do & without wasting any time we started our treatments as soon as we entered!

My mother tried their Dr. Renaud Hydrating Facial which she liked it pretty much as they made an extremely relaxing atmosphere without the lights! She just had one mini complain that they didn’t know how to use the black-head pin! Overall she found it really good! It costs a 100 Dhs only and the entire treatment lasted for an hour as mentioned in Vaniday as well!


Me and my sister tried the Spa Pedicure which costs 60 Dhs, I sat down and that pedicure was really worth it! The staff knew everything really well, like nail shape, cutting out the skin, and the seats were comfortable as well. I believe they should leave the customer’s feet dipped in hot water for a long time, as mine was kept in for around 4-5 mins! I absolutely loved their massage, oh it was the best! It made me feel so relaxed! I believe Spa pedicure is better than normal one as they add up spa salt and scrubbing which is not really involved in the normal one!


While leaving, we didn’t have to pay or wait for any confirmation. As soon as we were done, we left as our payments were already done online!

Overall I had an amazing experience trying something new! I believe UAE just needed such a beauty platform where people could easily book treatments online specially when they’re busy with works. You can also locate salons and spa’s in your areas which you weren’t aware of and you do not need their brochures. You can simply see the services and prices online and even compare salons with one another! In order to know about more offers and discounts, do sign up with them!

Not just that, you can buy some gift cards for your loved ones, and gift them a pampering session for themselves!

So looking forward to hear your views about it!

Valentine’s Day Guide

Hey everyone! 

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! This is the week of love and as Valentines is just around the corner, I’m sure there’s a lot to be worried about this weekend! Makeup, Hair, Gifts, Desserts or Valentine’s plans!
This blog-post will solve your problem for all the Valentine’s Day Essentials and be your mini guide!


Valentines Guide with Lakhsha

I’ve seen that Pink is the new common colour for Valentines (something different than the ordinary red!)

Worrying about makeup?
It’s simple! Head to your nearest Bourjois, and grab a Rouge Edition Velvet (10, Don’t pink of it or 07, Nude-ist) shade which is long lasting so you don’t have to worry about it at your date at all! Another thing handy would be a Blush (54, Rose Frisson) which is perfect for a simple Valentine look to give a cute blushy shade on your cheeks! Additionally if you’re looking for a nice mascara to stay for up to 16 hours, and give your lashes a higher volume you could go for Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara!
With that, to create a little dark & light eye shadow look you can get a Rimmel London 5 colour palette shade (024, Pinkadilly Circus) it has got some really nice pink shades!
Nails will be just too easy; you can easily grab one of the OPI’s new Valentines collections in Pink. They’ve introduced 4 shades for Valentines but you can always go for something you like from them. I’d suggest the shade (NL127, Italian Love Affair) from OPI!

Valentines Makeup (1)Valentines Makeup (2)Valentines Makeup (3)

Now most of you are usually confused about Hair!
As the colours are pretty light and calm, curls would look amazing with these! So I’d go for curls for the type of makeup I’ve done! You can use TRESemme Hair Spray for a better hold on the hair so the curls would last for the entire day! It’s available at Boots.

If you’re planning to celebrate Valentines at home, then here’s a perfect idea for you! Sugar Moo is having some exclusive items for Valentine’s Day! It’s an online delivery bakery in Dubai with amazing cakes, cookie cups etc! You can simply order from them some really nice desserts anywhere in Dubai and it will be at your door step within 90 minutes only!
Kiss me Cake: I’ve seen this cake on their social media and when I saw this I couldn’t really believe that it was a cake! It was made so nicely that I fell in love with it! The ingredients are red velvet, cream cheese, chocolate and Oreo’s cake! Priced at 200 Dhs.
Planning to give a Valentine Proposal? How about you order The Sugar Moo Effect priced at 35 Dhs only! It’s covered with pink fondant and involves of Chocolate or vanilla cake flavours, chocolate fudge and chocolate.
They also have a ‘LOL Box’ which involves of 12 SugarMoo Dessert Truffles and each of them have a special character written on it which can express your feelings such as saying “I love you”! It’s priced at 80 Dhs only!
Do check out more on their website at and don’t forget to order to make this Valentine’s extra sweet! You will really not regret making this order!

Valentines Sugar Moo (1)Valentines Sugar Moo (2)Valentines Sugar Moo (3)Valentines Sugar Moo (4)Valentines Sugar Moo (5)Valentines Sugar Moo (6).JPG

LAST, GIFT! What should I gift him?
Calvin Klein has launched two perfumes recently, for men and women! Eternity NOW for Men; in three words if I express the perfumes I would say exhilarating, exotic and masculine! In my opinion, the smell is absolutely perfect for such an occasion and the gift is completely worth it! Its priced at 50ml – 230 Dhs and 100ml – 315 Dhs
Not just that, you can even create some hand-made cards with this by adding in some great colours, just in case you are not a crafty person then head to Party Centre and grab some cards, balloons and special Valentine’s decorations for your loved one!

Eternity Now, Calvin Klein

Haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s day yet? Here’s some quick Valentine’s Day plans
1) If you’re staying home, you can always order some food from Zomato and watch a love movie!! Don’t forget to add in the promo code: TRUELOVE for a 14% discount exclusively! You can simply enjoy the food and watch a great movie as well!
2) If you’re planning to have a fun date, you can go along with your partner to Dubai Ice Rink, and skate under the gently falling snow which would feel so romantic. The timings for Sunday, 14th of February are 6:00pm to 7:45pm and tickets are priced at a 100 Dhs!
3) You can always take-away some food from your favorite restaurant, and head to the beach with your beach mat and blanket and have a great time there!

Hope this helps.. Wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ !

Instagram 1000 Followers Grand Giveaway!

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know that I’ve reached 1000 followers on Instagram, therefore I’ve started a giveaway on my Facebook & Instagram. This blog post is just to make most of you aware about my new giveaway which is going to be super grand (least for me).. As I’m giving plenty of things, I decided to do mini reviews of them on my Instagram & Facebook, letting you all know what each product is for!

Grand Prize:

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  1. Elekta Platinum Stand Mixer
    One of my grand prizes involves a stand mixer, ideal mixer for every kitchen. It involves of a powerful motor with 3 types of attachment hooks, dough, beater, whisk with 5 types of speed and a large mixing bowl! It’s a 4.2 litre Mixer, 350W, priced at 199 Dhs. If you wish to order the same, you can visit . Like them on Facebook for more details:
  2. Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    If you’re facing dandruff problem, the best solution will be Syoss. I’ve been using for more than 2 weeks now and the results have been extremely good of this shampoo. It’s a new launch, and healthy for all types of hair.
  3. Yardley London, English Lavender; Body Spray and Powder
    Yardley has one of the great smelling products. It is also one of the most cherished Heritage Brands. Founded over 200 years ago in London. A body spray and powder of an English Lavender scent!
  4. Human + Kind, Age Spot Remover
    It’s an age spot remover which reduces the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. It contains extracts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa and Morus Alba which targets age spots and help to even out skin tone.
  5. Rimmel London, Super Curler Mascara and Provocalips liquid lipstick
    Rimmel London is one of my most favorite brands and these two items I’m giving are my favorite. Super Curler Mascara creates a long lasting, ultra curvaceous volume in the blink of an eye. Priced at 45 Dhs! Provocalips Liquid Lipstick is long lasting lipstick which lasts for 16’s no tightness or dryness. Instead, lips feel sensationally smooth and moisturised all day long. What’s not to love? There’s two new shades too!
  6. Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Colored Hair
    Shampoo which refreshes hair within one minute without using water. You dont need water at all.  It’s for colored hair, so if you have problems with shampooing colored hair with water just because it gets faded, you don’t have to anymore!
  7. Murad Age Reform, Rapid Collagen Infusion
    It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in two hours. One of the greatest products with best reviews from all its customers. Like any serum,  it can temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also contains a good mix of beneficial ingredients to fight signs of aging.
  8. Neutrogena, Deep Clean Gel wash
    Dermatologist tested product, a really good gel wash which cleanses deep down into pores and dissolves away all traces of dirt, makeup or oil. Ideal for all skin types.
  9. Ciate Neon Manicure Set (Yellow Color)
    Ciate has one of my favorite nail polishes! This Ciate neon manicure set is pretty cool which consists of Big yellow taxi paint pot, Megaphone Neon Glitter and Black Light Top Coat. This kit is priced at 150 Dhs. These neon shades glow in the dark which makes it really cool for dark parties.
  10. Kalm Holistic Beauty (500 Dhs Gift Voucher)
    Kalm Holistic Beauty is located at The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Kalm has all sort of nail treatments which include of extensions, eyelash treatments, facials, body massages, scrubbing, tanning, waxing, threading, haircuts, hair treatments, keratin, hair coloring, hair extensions and some special packages for under 10 kids! Like them on Facebook for more details:
  11. VLCC Services free for a Week (5 Vouchers)
    VLCC is recognized for weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. These free services involve of 4 free services for one week! Skin Analysis, Hair Analysis, One session of Body Shaping or Weight Loss, Nutritional Counselling. Like them on Facebook for more details:
  12. Dreamworks Spa Voucher worth 100 Dhs Off (1 Voucher)
    A leading wellness and spa provider. There’s lots of Massage, Facials, Scrubs and Moroocan Bath treatments. This Voucher is for 100 Dhs off on any spa treatment! Like them on Facebook for more details:

2nd Prize:

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  1. Freshlook Temporary Lenses
  2. A mini Selfie Stick
  3. Detox Delight, Spicy Cracker
  4. VLCC Services free for a Week (1 Voucher)
  5. Dreamworks Spa Voucher worth 100 Dhs Off (2 Vouchers)
  6. Discount Voucher from I Saw It First
  7. Discount to buy contact Lenses from

3rd Prize:

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  1. Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Greasy Hair
  2. OPI Nailpolish in gorgeous pink shade
  3. Cup from Curious Minds Nursery
  4. VLCC Services free for a Week (1 Voucher)
  5. Dreamworks Spa Voucher worth 100 Dhs Off
  6. IBX Treatment
  7. Dermalogica 150 Dhs Off

To be able to win this giveaway, make sure you’re following me on my Facebook and Instagram and find out on the post what you need to do!

Contest extended till the 1st of February due to a huge amount of participants. Please note that winners will be chosen through a random generator and announced on 2nd of February!

All the best to everyone and Thank you to the sponsors for providing me with the amazing goodies!

Philip Stein and Precious Times

12th January 2016, I attended the Philip Stein and Precious Times event at the Burj Al Arab for an afternoon tea, and to experience the power of their revolutionary Natural Frequency Technology. They also presented their new collection and a sneak peek of the new store opening up at Burj Al Arab.

There were a lot of different watches which took my heart. Since I’m a watch lover, I easily get attracted to amazing watches. Lots of new technologies were also there which I couldn’t ever think of! Here are some of the pictures from the event:


Something I’ll be introducing today is going to be about Classic Sleep Bracelet. The bracelet is Philip Stein’s night accessory which is designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Each of the bracelet either consists of rose gold plated or stainless steel case. It also involves with a choice of comfortable blue, tan and brown interchangeable straps.

You’d have to put on the sleep band just 15-30 minutes before you sleep. It will take an individual approximately 30 days to experience the benefits of the band. When I first started using the band I had not much difference, as I couldn’t feel anything about it but gradually it started off pretty good and I do see some effects of it now.


When I found about the benefits of the bracelet, I fell in love with it because it’s something I never imagined of and it’s right in front of me. The new technology will solve sleeping disorders using Natural Frequency Technology. The bracelet guarantees a deeper sleep and the person feels refreshed when they wake up!

So, If you’re a person with sleepless nights and have hard time waking up in mornings, you must try it for yourself! The bracelet is priced at 395 Dollars.

Thank you for reading!

Festive Gift Guide


Hello guys!

We’ve come to the end of the year and now is the time when almost everyone wants to find gifts in their budget and something really unique! If you still haven’t bought something, this little post is just for you! It’s my mini guide for you to choose gifts under 99 Dhs ( and that too so many things under good pricing! )

Here’s my little list for the ladies:

Lakhsha Zahid

  • Visit Centrepoint, and purchase Rimmel London Products worth 99 Dhs, along with it you get a free pouch, a Wonder’Full mascara and a Scandaleyes Kohl.
    The items you should consider buying is ‘Provocalips’ long lasting lipstick worth 47 Dhs. Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail polish worth 26 Dhs. Lastly, a Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder worth 27 Dhs! This makes a 100 Dhs shopping worth all of it, and a perfect gift for a lovely lady!
  • Maybelline Brow Satin Smoothing Duo, Dark Brown, Lash Sensational Mascara and Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Kohl, Berry Much for 69 Dhs on .. If you wish to order Click Here
  • A really gorgeous Sleeveless Maxi Dress from Splash, in White color would be a perfect present as well. Its sale price is for 45 Dhs only at Click Here to check out the sizes, closer look and to order.


& here’s my little list for the men:


Please note all these items are from

  • Solid Color Bow Tie from Splash, extremely attractive for men only for 22 Dhs. It’s available in three colours; Red, Black and Green. To order Click Here
  • Lee Cooper Textured Wallet from Shoe Mart, only for 79 Dhs. Pretty affordable! To order Click Here
  • Black and White Printed Sweat Jacket from Splash, only for 90 Dhs! It gives a trendy look and the best for Winter now! To order Click Here


Hope you guys got some good ideas of what to purchase, do let me know what you bought!

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays