About me? This is a really tough thing to do, but okay let’s do this!

I’m Lakhsha Zahid, based in Dubai. I am from Pakistan. Currently studying at Murdoch University Dubai. I am born on 10th April, 1996! So basically I’m 20. I’ve finally started this blog I always wanted to on the 5th of May, 2015 (so that’s my blog-anniversary) Yay!

My hobbies, I myself don’t know, but you can say.. Shopping, Photography & urmm books?

I love attending new events, which makes me experience great collections all at once! Adding up giveaways soon, keep checking my blog!

I will be writing lots on Food, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Entertainment and the Events that I would be attending!

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/lakhshaz

Instagram : @lakhsha.zahid

Twitter: @lakhsha_zahid

Zomato: zomato.com/lakhshaz

Email: lakhsha.zahid@gmail.com

YouTube Channel: Coming up shortly!


Stay updated for more, and leave a comment if you have any type of questions!

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