Kalm Holistic Beauty

Hello Everyone!

As most of you had seen my new hair color on my Instagram. I’d  like to drop in a quick review about my experience at Kalm.

Kalm Holistic (13).JPG

So I went to Kalm Holistic Beauty which is located at the Palm for a hair color as I thought it’s time I change my hair color and try out something different!

I visited with the winner of my previous contest, where the winner had a chance to experience Full Body Massage and a Luxury Pedicure and Manicure as per their choice!

The staff was extremely welcoming to all of us and assisted us during the time we had booked our appointments. Continue reading

Rimmel London; Match Perfection Foundation

Hey Everyone!

I’ve just been really busy preparing for my exams so apologies in delayed posts. Well, let’s get to the point! Mostly, girls find it really hard to find a perfect foundation for their shade! Today, I’ll be introducing Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation and Fix & Protect Primer with SPF 25.

Rimmel Match Perfect (1)

Now you can show-off your gorgeous skin in everyday snaps using the amazing foundation with built in SPF 20.   Continue reading

Inversion Femme

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,

Feeling that nails are breaking too often? or getting signs of ageing? I know many of you who face a lot of situations where at some point you’re tired of home remedies to grow your nails, hair, remove wrinkles and what not! Inversion Femme, a daily beauty and health supplement for hair, skin, nails and figure!

Inversion Femme (3).JPG

Each box contains 90 capsules with total of 6 packets each having 10 red and 5 silver capsules. The two red capsules which are to be taken in the morning with plenty of water, after good healthy breakfast! One silver capsule is to be taken in evening. Continue reading