The Festive Boutique

Hello everyone!!

Recently, I was at an exhibition ‘The Festive Boutique’ held at The Palace Downtown Dubai, on the 17th October 2015. The exhibition was filled with lots of Pakistani & Indian jewelry and fashion designers along with their unique works. It was organized by Boulevard One and I must say, this was one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time!

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha Zahid

The exhibition was held from 10 am to 7 pm which included of some fun activities of raffle draws and winning instant prizes through picking up a random piece of paper. It was covered by Masala, Hello, Sunday Times, and Saffron Magazine! There was lots at the event, but I’d be only highlighting a few things from it.

What I wore to the event?
I was wearing a gorgeous Cape/Shirt by the designer Ayesha Ellahi; to talk about Ayesha Ellahi’s collection, She has one of the best Pakistani wear’s which were sold out in the first few hours itself. One of the most fashionable and amazing designer clothing. Thanks to her for this amazing unique piece for me.

Lakhsha Zahid in Ayesha Ellahi Cape

Lakhsha Zahid & Ayesha Ellahi

Bracelet is from Selections, it’s an Egyptian styled bracelet which is simple and elegant both in one, They have free sizes available and the selling price of it is 120 Dhs and above!

Selections Bracelet - Lakhsha Zahid

Also, I would like to thank Ms.Nazneen Tariq for a really beautiful necklace. She’s the designer of Heavenly Regalia. The amount of jewelry she has designed is unique in each and every piece and different from everyone else. From earrings, rings to necklaces! She creates antique jewelry which can go along with any sort of event, from light to heavy. A word to describe her jewelry pieces is ‘Sophisticated’. Here are some of the images:

Heavenly Regalia - Lakhsha

Lakhsha Zahid

Faraz Manan’s collection was absolutely FABULOUS! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Sarri’s and Bridle dresses were gorgeous. They held their exclusive preview right when you enter the exhibition and the best news is, that they have a store in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Faraz Manan

Lastly, I had a really good snack before I left to home with the beautiful view of the hotel. I absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere; the weather, the cold drinks and the food.

Lakhsha Zahid

Lakhsha - Food

If you missed it, you missed something amazing, but don’t forget their next exhibition will be held in March. I’ll keep you all posted on my social media channels. Thanks for reading!

EVANS, Style Has No Size

On the 30th September 2015, Evan’s hosted their new A/W Collection preview at the Media One Hotel.


The mantra STYLE HAS NO SIZE was born exactly a year ago during London Fashion Week. It’s to make fashionista’s believe that Yes, she is beautiful and confident, she doesn’t have to go around finding her size.


Lots of flared tops were introduced this year, also some really elegant jackets. It consisted of a lot of multi colored collection as well. Some of them stole my heart as well. There were many cover-ups which were extremely cool. It also included of decent jewelry like rings and bracelets. Their small shirt cookies were really cute.

The event was quite much fun, there were refreshments, snacks, photo-booth, and quite a lot of talks about the new collection. The style perfectly cater’s to the Middle Eastern ladies.


I wasn’t aware of the brand earlier, but as I know of it now, I recommend each and every girl/woman to visit and get yourself something. I’m sure you will feel the confidence in you.

One of my favorite tops from the collection is below:


Every woman has the right to dress herself up, and make herself beautiful. It’s never about age, thin or slim, its always about the outfit. As per my personal experience I’ve seen ladies suffering when they do not get their sizes in different clothing and they had to always give up.


I absolutely love the campaign by Evans, Style really has no size.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

Dorothy Perkins, Style Heroes AW’15

As most of you would have known, I was so busy over the past two weeks with a huge number of events. But I’m finally back, and wouldn’t leave you guys anymore soon.

Talking about fashion, previously on the 29th September 2015 at The Dubai Mall Dorothy Perkins launched its Autumn Winter Collection. It included of a great fun-filled time with lots of new fashion trends, live music by the gorgeous DJ Nina, Refreshments and some photo-booth fun.




I had a great time exploring the Winter Collection especially as I’m a huge lover of furry coats and leather jackets. Some of the dresses were quite fancy I had seen in quite a long time. The new collection includes of a soft and serene palette of tobacco, mink and blush – to the retro glamour of 60’s and 70’s.

The environment was really fun, we were taking pictures around, ladies were happily shopping and enjoying the new collection, trying out clothes, taking advantage of the amazing refreshments, music and the staff.


Towards the end, I was also gifted a beautiful pink clutch from them which I already liked in their stores.IMG_9304

Something I’m really excited about are the leather jackets. These with their long boots look extremely hot. I will be posting my looks sometime later in Winter.


Dorothy Perkins Dress

This dress in the picture above, was one of my favorites in the store. It looks completely like a party wear. This would go specially too well with a midnight function. It costed for more than Dhs 600.


The shoes collection come up with great heels starting from Dhs 250, ankle boots from Dhs 375 and many other shoes from the prices Dhs 150.

Moreover, the jewelry is quite much simple, not too heavy, prices start from Dhs 35. The plain necklaces give quite much of a decent look, so those really are must have. Grab them next time you visit Dorothy Perkins for sure!

I’m absolutely impressed by the retro look as nowadays it just got into fashion to have 70’s look in order to look more glamorous.

If you’re willing to give a visit here are the stores; The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Batuta Mall, City Centre Deira, Yas Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Sahara Centre, Dalma Mall and Al Manar Mall.

So are you finally ready for sweater weather in Dubai?