Friday Brunch at Medley Restaurant, Pullman DCC

Hello Everyone!! Sorry I’ve just been a bit too busy, and I finally sat at home today to do my blog .. Well, let’s forget about it, I’ve got something new for your weekend.

How about a Brunch this Friday, with your family? Well, not just a brunch, you also stand a chance to win something great! Give your try at the Spin and Win Wheel, and win something exciting with Pullman Hotel. How about you spend your lazy friday from 12pm to 4:30 pm there?


I went for the ‘Little Suzie’s Friday Brunch’ at the Medley Restaurant, located at first floor of Pullman Hotel Dubai, Deira City Centre.

Price range starts from; 199 Dhs with soft beverages and milk shakes.
70 Dhs for children aged 7 to 12
Under 6 children go Free!

To start off with the food, well it was filled with so many things, I hadn’t seen so much food in a long time! They had a wide range of Salads, Desserts, Drinks, Milkshakes, Burgers and so on!

Burger and Sandwich

The buffet table was lined up with various dishes such as Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Wings, Corn on Cob, Mac & Cheese, Barbeque Ribs and much more.. The Salad corner, almost consisted of each and every thing, every type of Salad you’d need you will see there. Olives, tomatoes, cabbage, creamy potatoes, corn, carrots, onions, olives, lettuce and many more..


There was also a place, where you could go up to the Chef and ask him to make you fresh food like Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries.. I had some Nachos with Cheese and Salsa, they didn’t taste bad. Not to forget the Breakfast corner with waffles, pancakes, bread etc! I had some Nutella with a fresh bread.


The kids corner is absolutely cute, a small kiddie buffet, with gummy bears, jelly beans accompanying them with some amazing cartoon shows on TV!

They did have a lot of fresh juices, tea, coffee, cold drinks, milk shakes! I tried the Banana Milk shake, and had Pepsi of-course! The taste was good, but I think the milk shake could be little improved as it was watery!

Milkshake and Soft Beverage

The desserts were endless and the most perfect I’d ever see or eat! Starting from my favorite which is no other than chocolate fountain, with various fruits on stick! I only happen to love strawberries, and unfortunately they were over, and the staff was so good, that they got me so many strawberries! I thought I’d be going home depressed without having my favorite strawberry dipped in chocolate but oh thanks to them! & Oh, what’s best I got to experience it myself! Moreover, there were various cupcakes, cakes, brownies, tarts, pastries and in many different flavors!

Chocolate Fountain

The staff was extremely friendly and co-operating.The waiters were well-dressed and gave an outstanding service, also the waitress who was dressed up like Little Suzie and served food in skates (YES, this was something really new to see)..The parking available is Valet, so don’t worry about your parking issues. It’s always best to do the booking well in advance, so you can be seated immediately.


Last but not the least, before you leave the restaurant, don’t forget the Spin & Win Wheel, you can win anything! I’m for sure visiting again! Are you?

For more pictures of the food and restaurant: Click Here
Contact them for bookings: 04-6038201
Medley Restaurant, Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre, Dubai

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19th Birthday Outfit

I was missing my birthday and seeing some previous posts where people asked me regarding my Outfit, so I think it’s still not too late to do this! (It was on 10th of April by the way)

Blue Dress

Dress: Jennyfer (this dark blue dress was quite comfortable, and came along with the belt, costs approx 250 Dhs)

Inner Full Sleeves Blue Net: Joanna Fashion (they’ve got a lot of different colors, not just that, they also have a wide range of other products)

Closer Look

The dress is sleeveless, which obviously I’m not so comfortable wearing, but I wore the sleeves inside it so it doesn’t look that its a different piece! I find this the best way to cover up sleeveless clothes and it gives an elegant look too!

The main reason I chose this dress was because it was completely simple and had work on only belt and neck, which would make this go along with a function at home.

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Designer-24, where Dresses meet Perfection

If it’s your old dream to wear a couture gown but you don’t have enough to get one (Just like me). Then the answer to this is! As they say ” Rent straight from the runway ”


Who are they? They’re an online designer dress hire service based in UAE, for any of your special occasions. They provide you with new dresses in every season at a very affordable rate.

As of now, they are having two packages going on; 1) Travel with your dress this Summer & 2) a Year of Dress rentals for you and your friends!

Some of their designers are: Lela Rose, Tadashi Shoji, David Koma, Ayesha Depala, Naeem Khan and many more! If you visit the website, they have a wide range of collection, from short, medium to long dresses!

It’s quite simple to use, Simply choose whatever dress you like from their collection, and schedule delivery before your event, log in with your card details etc! Receive the dress, wear it and look gorgeous!! Not to forget if you’re not sure about your size, you also get to add up an extra size for yourself for free! You can choose for how long do you want the dress and go ahead with it! You do not need to worry about the dry cleaning, they will do it!

Sizes available are from UK 6 to 16 (this hits up all sizes)

So I ordered a dress, for a week, and I wore it to Pullman Hotel, for a brunch! Nothing special, I just needed a place to wear it!

The dress I’m wearing is by: Ayesha Depala, Tulle embroidered dress. Its rental is 410 Dhs & Retail price is 5800 Dhs. It’s layered with sheer net & Satin lining. This gown is a romantic evening style gown.

It was delivered to my house in a beautiful long dress cover, which kept it same way ironed until I wore it, as the image below. I honestly, felt like a princess in this dress! It’s so gorgeous that I cannot wait to wear one more dress from them already!!




Well, I’d like to end with a special news, If you’re interested in renting their dresses, I have a special code for you to get you a 50 Dhs discount, just use: D24AUG15 (Valid till 31st August 2015)

Check more on:
Instagram: @designer_24
Phone: 052-8788081

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Time for some PERi-PERi

I’m going to talk a little, or maybe a little too much about my all-time favorite place whenever I’m in the mood of something really spicy! Think you’ve guessed by now, it’s Nandos with the amazing Peri-Peri Sauces! I think I can non-stop keep writing in about them!

Besides their amazing food, I’ve noticed, each time I have entered Nandos, the staff is really friendly and gives a great warm welcome! Every restaurant has its own special texture of the Afro-Portuguese roots and many others also feature original South African art and unique design touches. It simply looks the best! Not one restaurant, which looks normal, its all so gorgeous!

Nandos at Sheikh Zayed Road!

A little bit I know about Nandos, is they started off in the year 2002 along Sheikh Zayed Road, & slowly within years, they built up their restaurant branches in UAE. What’s more? They’ve got more restaurants opening up in different emirates very soon.. The restaurant mascot is a brightly colored cockerel, the national bird of Portugal.

PERi-PERi Hummus & Pita

To tell you about their sauces, Well they’ve got delicious sauces, which you can have it with almost anything (I do eat dishes at home with their sauces), If you like a sauce, you can buy it for yourself, it’s available at Nandos, or all the Shopping stores across the UAE.

Peri-Peri Sauces:
1) Lemon & Herb
2) Mild
3) Wild Herb
4) Garlic
5) Medium
6) Hot
7) Extra Hot
8) Extra Extra Hot (dare yourself for this)

Strips & Rice (Hot)

I’m a real fan of Strips & Rice, first of all its so spicy and nice, I can’t even describe! It’s normal rice with 5 Chicken pieces which are made with the PERi-PERi sauce! Make sure you do make a right option of Sauces, according to what you can really eat & if you’re a person like me who completely enjoys spice, try with Hot! You will enjoy every bite of your food.


The approximate price for two people is 100-150 Dhs only!

My main favorite’s from the menu;
Appetizer: Peri-Peri Hummus & Pita,
Main course: Strips & Rice (Hot Flavor)
Sides: Corn, Fries
Sweet Endings: Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Ratings to Nandos Restaurants I’ve been so far:
Sheikh Zayed Road – ☆☆☆☆☆
The Greens – ☆☆☆☆
The Residences, Downtown Burj Khalifa – ☆☆☆☆
Dubai Mall – ☆☆
Arabian Centre – ☆☆☆
Al Qasba (Sharjah) – ☆☆☆

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